I tried playing 'Fit Boxing 2' which burns calories while moving the body like a game of Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch software 'Fit Boxing 2 ', which allows you to easily exercise while holding the controller and doing shadow boxing, was released on December 3, 2020 (Thursday). Anyone can enjoy playing it like a rhythm game, so I actually played it.

Fit Boxing 2 | Nintendo Switch


You can see what kind of exercise you can actually do by playing Fit Boxing 2 by watching the following movie. Not only do you hold Joy-Con in your hand and do shadow boxing according to the rhythm, but also the steps before and after are important, so you need a sense of rhythm more than you think.

When you actually play Fit Boxing 2, it looks like this-YouTube

Fit Boxing 2 is available in download and package versions, but this time we'll play it in download. When the game started, instructor Karen appeared. Karen is a new character that does not appear in the previous work Fit Boxing.

After finishing the greeting, he will explain how to hold the controller. Attach the strap to the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch, wrap it around your wrist, and wrap it in your hand.

Grip Joy-Con lightly as shown in the image so that you can stick your hand forward.

The tutorial while moving the body starts immediately. Take enough space to play so that you don't get hurt by hitting something.

We will create a basic posture according to Karen's model. Turn your body at an angle of 45 degrees to the right ...

Bring your right hand to the side of your chin and your left hand to the front. In addition, Karen is moving in the opposite direction so that the player can easily understand it.

Shake both knees lightly to move the center of gravity back and forth. The footprint mark on the screen blinks alternately with the right foot and the left foot, so move it according to the mark.

Then the target that directs the action flows from the bottom to the top. The moment this target overlaps the rectangular frame, it feels like performing the instructed action. Perform at the right time according to the rhythm of BGM.

First, hit the jab with your left hand. Bring the center of gravity forward and pull it out as if you were stepping on it.


The judgment was 'GOOD'. If you punch at the right time, it will be 'JUST', if the timing is slightly off, it will be 'GOOD', and if you fail the action, it will be 'MISS'.

Then hit the straight with your right hand.


The second time, the judgment of 'JUST' came out. It is easy to succeed if you keep the rhythm firmly and shake Joy-Con greatly.

After completing the tutorial, the next step is to register the age, height, etc. for use in calculating the estimated calories burned and BMI. Information such as height and weight can be entered later without registering at this time.

First of all, you will be instructed to do it from 'Daily', so select 'Daily' on the menu screen.

The menu starts with 'stretch' for the first time, sandwiches 'straight combination 1', and ends with 'stretch' again. In addition, in this work, it is possible to exclude individual actions such as 'step' from the daily, and even people who are not good at actions can easily handle the daily by changing the setting.

The menu has started. Move your body according to Karen and stretch for about two and a half minutes.

When you finish stretching, the 'Straight Combination 1' menu will start. Straight combination 1 is the main exercise that is a combination of 'one-two' that hits a jab and a right straight in succession and a series of jabs. The target will alternate between right and left.

It's easy to punch according to the target, but if you do it while being aware of the center of gravity of your body, it becomes difficult as soon as you do it, and you get confused as to 'Which one should you move the center of gravity now?' During play, I sometimes have time to take the rhythm, so it is possible to adjust the movement there.

After exercising, Karen praised her for being good. It is a small healing point to visit for training that tends to be lonely.

Then the exercise record is displayed. Judgment, play time, number of punches, estimated calories burned, total score is displayed on the right side, and it is evaluated by the number of stars. Even a person who does not usually exercise at all was able to do it quickly without being too burdensome. It was about 3 minutes of exercise, but it's a good exercise because I keep moving my lower body. The estimated calorie consumption was 16.88 kcal.

After the last stretch, I will stamp today. Actually hold Joy-Con and hit the punch.


The stamp was stamped. It seems that you can check the stamp you pressed on the calendar.

You can select other exercises or change the instructor from the menu screen.

'Karen', 'Hiro', and 'Janis' have been added to the 6 instructors of the previous work, and a total of 9 instructors can choose their favorite characters and change their hairstyles and clothes. Since everyone is released from the beginning, you can meet the character you are looking for immediately.

Costumes can be exchanged for your favorite ones with 'Costume Tickets' that you can get each time you achieve a number of goals called 'Achievements' such as 'Learn Basic Posture'.

In 'Free', you can choose your favorite exercise and train freely. Various trainings such as upper, body, and steps to move left and right are available.

There are modes such as 'light' and 'firm' for exercise, and you can choose according to your preference. Even with the same exercise, 'firm' takes twice as long as 'light', and the number of actions and calories burned increase. For example, the following 'hip shape intensive combination' exercise is 6 minutes and 10 seconds for 'light', while the estimated calorie consumption is 43.68 kcal ...

If it is 'firm', the exercise time is doubled to 12 minutes and 20 seconds, and the estimated calorie consumption is 80.64 kcal.

Also, on December 3rd, 'Oni Mode ', which is a free additional content, has been added. The demon mode is the mode with higher exercise intensity than 'light' and 'firm', and at the time of writing the article, only 'Rin' and 'Evan' are delivered. You can select it by changing the instructor to 'Lin' or 'Evan' after downloading the additional content. The basic exercise content hasn't changed much, but the frequency of actions and play time have increased.

There are scenes where the tone becomes a little harsh on the way, and it feels like a 'demon coach'.

Release of an exercise with a key mark includes 'getting a rating of 2 stars or more in another exercise'. It seems that you need to do other exercises without skipping to release everything.

Fit Boxing 2 not only allows you to easily start training from 3 minutes at a time, but also allows you to customize the content so that you can exercise with the intensity suitable for each user, and a higher load demon mode has also appeared. By doing so, it is a finish that seems to be able to approach a wider user base than the previous work. Like a rhythm game, you can punch out to the music, and the more you play, the more training you can release, so it may be perfect for those who feel monotonous in their daily training. In addition, 9 instructors who are in charge of voices by popular voice actors can be used as training partners, so it is also recommended for people who 'have a hard time doing muscle training alone'.

The boxing version of Fit Boxing 2 is sold at Amazon.co.jp for 5509 yen including tax and the online code version for 6380 yen including tax.

Amazon | Fit Boxing 2 -Rhythm & Exercise- -Switch | Games

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