A new kind of apple is found by chance

A nature lover accidentally discovered a 'new species of apple' while taking a walk in the woods near his home.

New variety of apple discovered by Wiltshire runner | Fruit | The Guardian


Apple found by chance on woodland run is'interesting' new variety --The Irish News

Archie Thomas, who lives near the Nadar Valley in Wiltshire, England, was walking along a forest road near his home in November 2020, and found a long-lived apple tree with many fruits. I found. Thomas, who works for Plantlife , a wildlife conservation group, said he was interested in rare pale-colored apples with strange spots and wanted to identify the varieties.

Regarding the feelings at the beginning of the discovery, 'I am not a fruit expert, but I thought that it looked different from any apple I had seen and was very rare. If it is a new species, I may be able to name it. , Tomo, 'says Thomas. Thomas thus decided to send the apple in question to the Royal Horticultural Society's fruit identification service. Below is Mr. Thomas who has the real apple in question.

Jim Arbury of the Royal Horticultural Society identified the apple in question and found that it was an undiscovered wild species, not a human-grown variety. The apple in question may be a hybrid of a horticultural species with

Malus sylvestris , a wild species endemic to Europe, but details are unknown. In general, apple trees that grow on the side of the road are often said to have grown as a result of the apples purchased at supermarkets being left unattended, but the apple trees discovered by Mr. Thomas are thought to be over 100 years old. At least it wasn't grown from apples purchased in modern supermarkets.

According to Mr. Arbury, the taste is quite delicious, and in addition to the flavor of apples, you can feel the taste of sourness and tannins, and it is suitable for both raw eating and cooking. 'I found it myself, so I think I'll take a closer look,' said Thomas, but commented, 'I thought it was sweet enough to eat raw and tasted great.'

Abari said the case're wondering to determine the name of the apple of the problem, 'consisting 7-year-old my son is of the Portugal national football team Cristiano Ronaldo has insisted that after the players' Cristiano Ronaldo apple 'is good But other than that, 'he said.

The apple trees in question will be grafted because of the characteristic that apple trees grown from seeds will be of a different variety than the original trees . 'I love apples and I'm breathtakingly surprised by Archie's discovery,' said Dr. Trevor Dines of Plantlife, a colleague of Thomas. 'How did this apple get there and why it was born?' I can only guess what I can tell, but that's the fun of botany. These mysteries deepen my love for the countryside. '

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