Amazon sends 'union crusher' spies to the scene to monitor workers and unions


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It has been reported that Amazon has 'monitored contract workers' SNS to check for strikes' and 'sent anti-union training movies to employees'. I did. Meanwhile, Motherboard, a new overseas news media, hired a pinkerton spy famous for crushing labor unions and sent it to the scene, and recognized environmental activist Greta Thunberg and Greenpeace as 'threats'. I am reporting that I am monitoring it.

Secret Amazon Reports Expose Company Spying on Labor, Environmental Groups

The internal document obtained by Motherboard was created in 2019 in collaboration with the Amazon Global Security Operation Center, which is in charge of protecting workers and retailers at Amazon, and intelligence analysts. The document revealed that Amazon has hired Pinkerton agents to monitor Amazon employees and trade unions across Europe and is on the lookout for environmental activists. The report primarily mentions Amazon's activities in Europe, but some documents indicate that similar activities may be taking place in the United States, Motherboard said.

Amazon's internal documents mention the history of Pinkerton threatening to keep union employees from working in the 19th and 20th centuries. Records show that Amazon sent Pinkerton spies to an Amazon warehouse in Poland between November 19-21, 2019 to investigate how to conduct interviews and hire. Motherboard notes that there is no identifiable evidence of training.

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Amazon spokeswoman Lisa Levandowski admitted that she hired Pinkerton to investigate workers: 'Like any other responsible company, Amazon helps employees, buildings and merchandise. We continue to maintain the security level of our operations to keep our operations safe. This attempt includes internal investigations in good cooperation with law enforcement agencies, and we work with local law and local authorities. I am acting under the guidance of. ' Meanwhile, Levandowski denied that Motherboard had 'sent the spy to the warehouse.' 'It is irresponsible and wrong to report these activities to sensations or to suggest that we have done something unusual and wrong,' he said.

The report also included keeping Amazon up-to-date with detailed updates on trade union activities in warehouses around the world. This information includes the date, time, place, people involved, number of people involved, etc. In addition, analysts continue to collect information on whether factory workers are attending union meetings and what dissatisfactions are shared.

UNI 's Christie Hoffman, an international trade union organization, was hired by Amazon's Pinkerton, saying, 'For years, Amazon's Jeff Bezos has been compared to the Robber Baron of the 19th century. Carton's employment made it clearer that Mr. Bezos was a Robber Baron. '

The Robber Baron is a businessman or banker who has dominated each industry by pursuing oligopoly and unfair business practices and has accumulated enormous assets.

A report has appeared that points out that Amazon is a modern 'robber baron'-GIGAZINE

Trade unions are particularly strong in Europe, and many American companies adapt to what they should be when they move into Europe, but Amazon is not the case. From this, Hoffman pointed out that Amazon's anti-union tactics are endangering human rights worldwide.

Internal documents also revealed that Amazon is focusing on social media to collect information on environmental activists. When an environmental activist protested in Vienna, Austria, the protest route was obtained from Google Maps, the participation rate of Amazon employees was investigated, and future environmental activities Internal documents mention how much business may be interrupted. Surveys that track these social and environmental movements include Greta Thunberg's global climate strike movement.

'It's alarming that Amazon is systematically using military surveillance methods for its members and activists,' said European Parliamentarian Manon Aubrey. Amazon and Jeff Bezos set a precedent. With wealth and power at a level that isn't there, we act as if we're transcending the law. We have to stop this, 'said Motherboard's report.

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