Unopened 'Super Mario Bros. 3' won the bid for over 16 million yen, renewing the highest price ever for a single game software

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Super Mario Bros. 3 ', a side-scrolling action game for family computers released by Nintendo in 1988, was sold for $ 156,000 on Heritage Auctions at the auction house. It was. This is the highest bid for a single game software.

Super Mario Bros. 3 --Wata 9.2 A + Sealed ['Bros.' Left, First | Lot # 93032 | Heritage Auctions we-re-often-amazed / a / 7236-93032.s

Unopened Copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 Fetches for $ 156,000, Breaking Record | PCMag

The unopened Super Mario Bros. 3 was sold for $ 156,000 in the early morning of Friday, November 20, 2020, local time. This is the highest bid ever for a single game software sold at auction. The winning bid 'Super Mario Bros. 3' is from WataGames , which handles game goods for collectors and fairly evaluates the product status, etc., the product status is '9.2' out of 10 and the package quality is 'A +' (from C) It is evaluated as the second from the top in the 7-step evaluation up to A ++).

In addition, the highest bid ever for a single game software was the unopened 'Super Mario Bros.' which was sold for $ 114,000 (about 12 million yen) in July 2020. did. The winning bid 'Super Mario Bros.' is rated by Wata Games as '9.4' out of 10 in product status and 'A +' in package quality.

Unopened Super Mario Bros. is sold for over 12 million yen, the highest bid for a single game software-GIGAZINE

According to Valary McCrecky, director of video games at Heritage Auctions, an unopened Super Mario Bros. 3 was found in an anonymous person's closet and was put up for auction. When tech media PC Mag asked Heritage Auctions for comment, McRecky said, 'In many cases, unopened games were bought and forgotten, and so is Super Mario Bros. 3 this time. I heard that there was an answer.

This isn't the first time the unopened Super Mario Bros. 3 has been listed on Heritage Auctions, and another unopened item was listed in July 2020. In addition, the winning bid amount at that time was 38,400 dollars (about 4 million yen).

The secret behind why Super Mario Bros. 3 has set a new record high is in the game's packaging. Heritage Auctions says, 'Not only is the game in surprisingly good condition, but the layout of the package itself is unique. Unopened items with the word' BROS. 'Written on the package on the left. Is very rare, 'explains that the placement of the letters' BROS. 'Dramatically changes the rarity.

The highest price ever recorded was the package sold in North America in the early days when the word 'BROS.' Overlapped on the right hand part of Mario (left). In the package design on the right, the letters 'BROS.' Have moved to the center, making the letters easier to read, but the rarity seems to be lower.

In addition, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in the United States in 1990, and the selling price at that time was 49.99 dollars (about 5200 yen).

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