A machine is developed to train birds to collect garbage in the garden

Crows are extremely intelligent and have been found

to be able to avoid dangerous areas to eat animals and to assemble disjointed parts to create useful tools . There are other intelligent birds besides crows, especially magpies, which are known to have passed the mirror test for the first time outside of mammals. For this magpie, a 'machine that collects garbage in the garden instead of feeding it' has been developed.

BirdBox by Robocut --Thingiverse

Cleaning Up The Yard With AI — Avian Intelligence | Hackaday

You can check the 'Bird Box' that allows birds to autonomously collect garbage in the garden from the following movie.

Magpie_trades 3 bottle-caps for food. High definition --YouTube

One magpie came to the table set up on the fence.

If you look closely, this magpie has a bottle cap in its beak.

The table is connected to a tube, and a magpie puts a cap in the hole on the side of the tube.

A magpie staring at the tube.

After a while, food fell in the tube.

The magpie catches the food that rolls from the outlet of the tube.

After that, I wondered if the magpie had gone somewhere ...

I came again.

A bottle cap on the beak.

Put the cap in the hole ...

Look at the top of the tube and wait for a while. It seems that they understand that food is falling from above.

Catch the rolling food ...

On a journey to get a bottle cap again. Cap collection is repeated until the magpie is satisfied with the food.

In addition, the mechanism of BirdBox can be confirmed from the following movie.

birdbox outdoor intro --YouTube

It was Hans Forsberg who developed the machine that magpies feed instead of collecting garbage. Behind it is the whole picture of the Bird Box.

The food box is attached to the end of the tube. It seems that dog food and cat food are inside.

When you put the cap in, the food comes out from what Forsberg shows.

The machine, mounted just above the table, is equipped with a Raspberry Pi and a camera, which is live-streaming the footage on YouTube.

A wide-angle camera is installed at the bottom of the bait box. This works in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi in the food box.

Under the table ...

A bucket is attached, and bottle caps gather here.

In addition, the movie that explains the inside of the food box is from the following.

birdbox inside box-YouTube

This is the inside of the food box. Raspberry Pi was used for the computer, and each part was output with a 3D printer.

When the sensor detects that the cap has been inserted, the container containing the dog food vibrates and only one grain of food drops. Since the sensor is attached to the passage hole of the food, the vibration stops when only one grain falls. Only one dog food is always given for each bottle cap.

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