Female politician launches game on Twitch with over 430,000 viewers

Politician Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), who became the youngest female member of the House of Representatives in 2018, made her debut as a game distributor on Twitch, according to media reports. According to Twitch, AOC's distribution received a lot of attention, attracting up to about 435,000 viewers.

AOC --Twitch

AOC's debut Twitch stream is one of the biggest ever --The Verge

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AOC makes explosive Twitch debut with over 435,000 Among Us viewers | Ars Technica

AOC played the game 'Among Us' on Twitch for more than 3 hours, which he said 'I have never played'. Among Us is a game that appeared in 2018 and has been very popular with distributors on many platforms including Twitch since around September 2020.

The most popular game on YouTube in September 2020 is the alien wolf game 'Among Us' --GIGAZINE

The peak number of viewers of 435,000 recorded by Mr. AOC was the momentum to break into the top 20 of Twitch's history at the time of writing the article. AOC wasn't just playing games in the broadcast, he also mentioned political activity topics such as national healthcare topics and encouraging voting plans.

In the past, AOC has also participated in a multiplayer Donkey Kong 64 play as part of a charitable fundraising campaign. AOC's work, IT news media Ars Technica, said, 'AOC's use of Twitch emphasizes the unique role of the game as an online gathering place. Her actions are politicians. It can be said that it reflects a new type of political activity in which oneself goes where the voters are. '

There are many cases where politicians, not just Mr. AOC, use methods such as streaming services and games to appeal to voters. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who was elected to the presidential election in November 2020, is also conducting an election campaign using the Nintendo Switch ' Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest '.

Presidential candidate Biden camp strengthens election campaign in 'Animal Crossing: New Organs Forest' --GIGAZINE

As for whether AOC's efforts could get new voters, news media Guardian Patrick Lam said, 'I don't think she'll get new voters. If Democratic celebrity AOC gets Twitch. If anyone is excited about streaming on, he's already on the road to the end-of-life net left, but she tells a lot of people about elections through distribution. I couldn't say it's a bad thing because I was able to encourage people to speak and encourage people to actively plan their votes. '

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