Democratic Party distributes official My Design to gather supporters of US presidential election at 'Atsume Animal Forest'

In order to organize voters on the Internet in the 2020

US presidential election , the Democratic Party has started a campaign on the ' Atsume Animal Crossing Forest ' for Nintendo Switch.

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Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it has become possible to avoid meetings in public places and the elections are changing. Joe Biden, who has been nominated as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, has endeavored to acquire voters through live streaming events and fund-raising activities on the Internet instead of face-to-face meetings. The Democratic National Convention, in which the Democratic Party elects the nominees for the presidential election, is also live-streamed on the Internet, and many guests appear in the video and give speeches.

And the Democratic Party has announced four new designs to support Nominee Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. The My Design released by the Democratic Party is as follows, and it can be used in the game by scanning the QR code with the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Logo written by Biden Harris

Logo written only as 'Joe'

'Team Joe' logo

Biden's trademark sunglasses logo

``The animal forest is a dynamic, diverse and powerful platform that connects communities around the world,'' said Chris Chantom, digital partnership director for Biden's election campaign, to international media The Verge. And when Harrison's supporters decorate their islands with our logo, they will join and connect with our election campaign.' 'To meet voters and gather supporters for the final election in November It's one of the new creative and innovative ways.'

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