A bot that easily strips a photo of a dressed woman naked is widespread on messaging apps

Is a synthetic technology of the human image by artificial intelligence

deep fake is possible to generate the very image of the high-precision false, the 2017 porn famous actress by deep fake soared became to the problem. On October 20, 2020, security company Sensity reported that 'bots that generate deepfake are shared on the Telegram messaging app.'

Automating Image Abuse: deepfake bots on Telegram --Sensity

Deepfake bots on Telegram make the work of creating fake nudes dangerously easy --The Verge

Sensity reported on its messaging app Telegram that it has discovered a 'deepfake ecosystem' that generates nude photos on request. When a user sends an image of a woman acquired on SNS etc. to a bot, the bot that utilizes deepfake generates a fake nude photo with clothes stripped off and sends it to the user.

The bot, which is shared on various Telegram channels, has generated nude photos of at least 104,852 women by the end of July 2020, with nudes generated during the three months of May-July. Sensity says it surged 198%. In addition, 70% of the photos used to generate nude photos were taken from SNS accounts or taken personally, and some nude photos were thought to be minors.

Bot and related channels are said to attract more than 100,000 users worldwide, 70% of which are in Russia or the former Soviet Union. Although bots are basically free to use, it seems that only watermarked photos or partial nudes will be generated if it is free, and users who want complete photos will have to pay a usage fee. Sensity says that one 'beginner's plan' can generate '100 unwatermarked images in 7 days' by paying 100 rubles (about 135 yen).

According to Sensity researchers, the software used to generate nude photos on Telegram is DeepNude , which appeared in 2019. DeepNude is a vicious application that uses AI and neural networks to remove only clothes from women's photos and strip them naked, and the website has already been removed by the developers. However, Sensity points out that some people have reverse engineered Deep Nude and it's still secretly spreading.

DeepNude is software that uses AI technology called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to generate fake nudity. Although the generated nude photos are often rougher than the real nude photos, they may be finished with accuracy that seems to be mistaken for the actual photos.

'Before Photoshop, people have created fake nude photos of unconsensual women,' said The Verge, saying that there are forums and websites that generate nude photos without using AI. Pointed out. On the other hand, Deepfake can generate more realistic and fast nude photos, and by automating it via the Telegram bot, it's as easy to generate fake nude photos as sending and receiving photos. States that is the problem.

'The main difference is the accessibility of the technology,' said Giorgio Patrini, CEO of Sensity, who said that even users with no knowledge of programming or computer vision can easily get nude photos via Telegram. I saw it as a problem.

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