I ate 'Shiro Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc', which is rich in Shiro Noir with fragrant Japanese chestnut cream, at Komeda Coffee Shop.

' Shiro Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc ', which is a generous amount of rich chestnut cream sprinkled on Komeda Coffee's signature menu 'Shiro Noir', has been available at Komeda Coffee since October 14, 2020. I used Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto prefecture as the ingredients, so I went to see what the taste was like.

'Shiro Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc', where you can fully enjoy Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture, will be on sale nationwide from October 14th (Wednesday) for a limited time! | Komeda Coffee Shop
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Arrived at Komeda Coffee Shop.

Inside the store, there was a menu with 'Shiro Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc' along with Kumamon. As 'Kumamoto' Mont Blanc, it is said that plenty of Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto are used in the cream of Japanese chestnuts on Shiro Noir.

That's why I ordered the regular size of Shiro Noir Kumamoto Montblanc. (PDF file) According to the calorie

/ allergy information , the calorie is 994 kcal.

This is about the size of a transportation IC card.

The soft serve ice cream on top is covered with plenty of fiantine and Japanese chestnut cream, which is made by thinly spreading crepe dough and baking it.

If you eat only the soft serve ice cream, the Japanese chestnut cream is rich but not 'too sweet', and you can feel the fragrant chestnut flavor and elegant sweetness. Fiantine was crispy and roasted, further enhancing its aroma. The soft serve ice cream melts in your mouth and has a light taste, so it has a perfect balance without disturbing the richness of Japanese chestnuts.

Waguri cream is also on the Danish pastry ...

It is also sandwiched between Danish pastries.

Before I ate it, I thought, 'Isn't there less Japanese chestnut cream than Danish pastry?', But when I actually ate it with Danish pastry, the Japanese chestnut cream itself had a concentrated taste of chestnuts. Therefore, even a small amount firmly added the rich sweetness of Japanese chestnut to the whole Shiro Noir.

'Shiro Noir Kumamoto Mont Blanc' can be purchased at Komeda coffee shops nationwide except for some stores, and the price varies depending on the region, with regular sizes ranging from 750 yen to 770 yen including tax and mini sizes ranging from 550 yen to 570 yen including tax. In addition, a limited number of 'Kumamon's specially designed small plates' are available at some stores, and each one can be purchased for 350 yen including tax.

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