iPhone 12 can display whether it is connected to 5G in the sub 6GHz band or millimeter wave band

Announced on October 14, 2020, the iPhone 12 will be 5G compatible on all models. Among them, in the United States Verizon is a mobile carrier of 5G ultra-wide band display, but I is possible to cope with has become clear, when you connect to the 5G ultra-wide band, is on the screen of the iPhone 12 as '5G UW' It turned out to be.

Verizon's new iPhone 12 Pro commercial shows off the carrier's '5G UW' logo

When Apple announced the 5G support for the iPhone 12, Verizon CEO Hans Bestberg, who appeared as a guest, said, 'The iPhone will support Verizon's 5G ultra-wide band.' It has also been revealed that the iPhone 12 supports the millimeter wave (mmWave) band only in the United States.

Verizon has released a TVCM to promote the iPhone 12 compatible with 5G, and from this video, if the iPhone 12 is connected to Verizon's 5G ultra wide band, the area showing the signal strength in the upper right of the display It turned out to be displayed as '5G UW'.

There are two types of 5G communication: the sub 6GHz band , which is a 'low-speed 5G' that applies the frequency band used in existing LTE communication, and the millimeter-wave band, which is a 'faster 5G'. Verizon's 5G Ultra Wide Band uses the millimeter wave band, but when connected to it, '5G UW' is displayed in the area showing the signal strength.

The iDownloadBlog , which reports Apple-related news, states that 'when connecting to a standard 5G network (in the sub 6GHz band), we have confirmed that only' 5G 'is displayed in the signal strength area.' It is said that 5G in the 6GHz band and 5G in the millimeter wave band are clearly distinguished. That's why iDownloadBlog says, 'Customers are welcome to be able to tell at a glance whether they are connected to standard 5G or high-speed 5G.'

In addition, it is unknown at the time of writing whether the specification that 'iPhone 12 supports millimeter wave band only in the United States' is derived from hardware or software, but only the American version of iPhone 12 has millimeter wave. There is also a report that an antenna for the band will be installed.

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