I tried to see if Kentucky junk and high-class food truffles really match with 'truffle scented creamy rich sandwich'

October 14, 2020, ' Truffle Fragrant Creamy Rich Sandwich ' is a combination of juicy domestic chicken fillet seasoned with 11 kinds of Kentucky secret herbs and spices and a rich creamy sauce accented with truffles and grain mustard. It has appeared in Kentucky from (Wednesday). I actually bought and tried to see if the junk taste of Kentucky fried chicken, which is quite punchy, and the truffles of high-class ingredients match or do not match.

A luxurious chicken sandwich with a rich creamy sauce with grain mustard that has a scent of truffles 'Truffle scented creamy rich sandwich' will be released on October 14th (Wednesday).


This time I bought it as a takeaway.

This is a creamy rich sandwich with a truffle scent.

When you open the wrapping paper, you can smell the truffles.

The actual diameter of the sand is about 9 cm ...

The height is about 5.5 cm.

When I removed the buns, the chicken fillet was covered with a generous amount of mayonnaise mixed with grain mustard and truffles.

Cheese and lettuce are laid under the chicken fillet.

As soon as you eat it, the junk taste of the clothes seasoned with herbs and spices and the sourness of grain mustard and mayonnaise are insisted, so at a glance you will be satisfied with the 'that taste' you want from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

On the other hand, as you continue to eat, the scent of truffles will surely pass through your nose, and the scent of truffles will remain until the end, so it feels like 'Kentucky in luxury.' Truffles and chicken coexist with each other, if not fusion, and may not be in demand for those who just want Kentucky for a squishy junk, but if you like truffles, it's a 'oh' finish. Was there.

The truffle-scented creamy rich sandwich is 440 yen including tax, and it will end as soon as it runs out due to the limited quantity.

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