'Forged profile creation manual' on Facebook and LinkedIn leaked from SNS monitoring company


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On September 22, 2020, the IT news site Motherboard reported that it had obtained a manual leaked from a social media monitoring company. A manual leaked from a company called Blackdot Solutions based in Cambridge, England, described how to create a counterfeit profile on Facebook and LinkedIn, and how to extract personal information using the counterfeit profile.

Surveillance Company Explains How to Keep Facebook From Detecting Fake Accounts in Leaked Manual

Motherboard announced on September 22 that it has obtained a manual for open source intelligence tools that Blackdot Solutions provides to government agencies, banks and other private companies under the product name 'Videris'. Motherboard is the manual on DocumentCloud of the document public services public , but was, in the article creates the time has become a non-browsing.

According to Motherboard, the Blackdot Solutions manual described how to create fake profiles on SNS Facebook and LinkedIn to

data mine the personal information of SNS users. It also included how to create a decoy account to get intimate with the target and get information that wouldn't normally be revealed.

An informant who sneaked on condition of anonymity told Motherboard, 'When I saw the Videris demo, I noticed that the superficial part of the program was common, but I was using a fake social media account. At that time, I didn't think it would contribute to the value of the company. Not only is creating a fake account contrary to the policies of each social media, but using an algorithm to cut it privately is a privacy issue. It seems to be an infringement, 'he said.

Meanwhile, Adam Lawrance-Owen, Product Manager for Blackdot Solutions, told Motherboard that 'customers can only access open source information that is publicly available' is a core principle of Videris. At the same time, it is a fundamental principle of our ethics and business. Videris cannot be used to outsmart our privacy settings. Our customers do not use Videris for that purpose. , There is no possibility of using it. '

In response to a complete denial of allegations, Motherboard presented a portion of the manual to Lawrance-Owen, who said, 'This is definitely not our manual because we have never seen this document.' Reply. In addition, when Motherboard provided the entire manual, Lawrance-Owen said, 'I'm sure it mentions the features of our product, but it's not our standard user guide. I can't comment. I don't know about this manual because it's two years old. '

Motherboard said in an interview, 'We repeatedly claim that Blackdot Solutions does not invade privacy, but as the manual reveals, Videris helps customers create fake accounts. I couldn't deny it. '

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