Director Blade Runner makes a movie of SF's monument 'Suna no Wakusei', trailer of 'Dune' is on sale

The trailer for ' Dune ', which was directed by

Denis Villeneuve of ' Blade Runner 2049 ', has been released, which is a masterpiece of the science fiction novel ' Dune Sand Planet ' released in 1965. Although the novel version of Sunanowakusei has influenced the ' Star Wars ' series and ' Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, ' it has been said to be 'difficult to visualize.' Such a Dune trailer has already been viewed more than 5 million times in a day since its release.

Dune Official Trailer-YouTube

'Something is happening in me'

'Something out of control is awake'

'What did you see?'


... and a young man called Paul (act: Timothée Chalamet ) wakes up in the dark.

In a world far in the future, humankind has crushed the rebellion of thinking machines and built a space empire, but that world is far from peaceful. Paul's father, Leto, the head of the Atreides family, was assassinated while he ruled the world, and Paul grew up with his mother.

When asked, 'Are you actually doing what you dreamed of?' ...

Paul answers, 'Yes.'

'The test is simple. If you pull your hand out of the box ...'

'You die'

'What's in the box?'

'It's pain'

Put your hand in the box ...

Paul screaming.

'You inherited too much power'

Paul activates the device he has acquired ...

I will devote myself to training.

'You have to learn'rule''

'No one of your ancestors learned'

The old stone monument was touched by Paul's father, Duke Leto (act:

Oscar Isaac )

'My dad ruled the whole planet.'

'He gained a lot of wealth and lost everything.'

Such Paul goes to the sand-wrapped planet Arakis, where the precious resource 'melange' is calculated.

In front of Paul with a smile ...

Duncan Idaho, a swordfighter of the Atreides family (act:

Jason Momoa )

'Arakis is a deadly trap.'

'I'll kill you' ... mutters Laban of the Harkonen family, who is the nemesis of the Atreides family and controls Arakis (act:

Dave Bautista )

Burning flame

In the darkness, Paul's mother, Lady Jessica (act:

Rebecca Ferguson ) looks back.

'This is eradication'

'I choose my family one by one.'

'Let's fight like a devil'

'The beast trapped in a trap grabs his leg to escape.'

'You are?'

And Paul met ...

Chan-hee, a woman in a dream (act:

Zendaya )

A fierce battle unfolds ...

'Someday a legend will be born'

'All civilizations are built on that legend.'

Paul escapes with a short hair.

'I can see the future'

'I must not be afraid'

'Fear kills the heart'

'I can only survive in a place where there is no fear.'

Dune is scheduled to be released nationwide on December 18, 2020, and the release date in Japan is undecided at the time of writing the article.

'Dune Sand Planet [new translation]' by Frank Herbert and translated by Akinobu Sakai can be purchased from the following.

Dune Sand Planet [New Translation] (Top) (Hayakawa Bunko SF) | Frank Herbert, Akinobu Sakai | Books | Mail Order | Amazon

You can read Amazon reviews below.

Akinobu Sakai's version of Dune is a masterpiece

The movie 'Dune', which was made based on this novel, has been produced in four versions so far.

Specifically, in addition to the 137-minute original version directed by David Lynch released in 1984 (1985 in Japan), there are three types of long versions,
I have the 2006 Alan Smithee version. This 2006 version of the film is a picture-story show, starting with explaining the background of Dune's work.

The background of the work explained is that as a result of entrusting social management to artificial intelligence, human beings are once enslaved by machines with artificial intelligence, but in the 'Great Rebellion = Butler's Holy War' in the battle with artificial intelligence Win and be freed from the machine. Mankind, who was disciplined by enslavement by thinking machines, banned the creation of artificial intelligence and computers, and established a guild with Bene Geselit, two major educational institutions to train the mind and body, to run the society. The explanation is that they are on the path of prosperity.

As for the work, first of all, it is the first volume, but the scene tension of a vague and real bargaining scene like the scene of a dinner with a banker and a water supplier living in Arakis and the prehistory of the work as mentioned above are casually drawn. Then, I am surprised again that the world of the work is carefully created, such as the delicate depiction of Arakis' ecosystem and unique culture and religion. And at the end of the first volume, the depiction of the scene where Paul awakens is a masterpiece, as the multi-dimensional universe is depicted like the scene of the movie 'Interstellar'.

In other words, I, who had skipped this work as a mere fantasy until now, found that I clearly misread the points of the work.

To summarize the impressions of this reading, when I read it last time, the sensibility of the reviewers and the experience of reading SF were inexperienced, and the high literary level of the work and the solid creation and value as SF were fully realized. It turned out that I didn't understand. Someone mentioned that the reason why the work called 'masterpiece' seems to be unsatisfactory is that there is something that I am lacking, but the appeal of the work changes according to the change in my own sensibility. I found that it was going on.

Conclusion: Needless to say, it is a historical masterpiece both in science fiction and literature.
The translation is also great. Don't hesitate to read this and that! !! !!

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