I tried the 'Golden Oyakodon' while the seafood soup stock made the oyakodon's thick eggs shine.

' Golden Oyakodon', which is a more powerful version of Nakau's signature menu 'Oyakodon', was released on September 10, 2020 (Thursday). I actually tried it because it was a dish with plenty of sardine 'Kyofu Ankake' that contained plenty of soup stock such as dried sardines, mackerel, and kelp.

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That's why I came to Nakau.

At the storefront, there is a banner that appeals to the golden oyakodon that you are looking for.

This time, I bought 'Golden Oyakodon' (590 yen including tax) and Oyakodon (660 yen including tax) and brought them home. The left side of the image is normal and the right side is large.

The take-out package has a two-tiered structure, with ingredients in the upper tier and rice in the lower tier.

When we measure the amount of ingredients, it seems that there is no difference between normal (left) and large (right). Please note that the weight shown in the image includes the container in the package.

The difference is the amount of rice, which is about 70g different.

That's why it's time to eat. Pour the upper egg into the rice ...


When I tried it, the egg was fluffy and soft, and it was just 'fluffy'. When you chew the elastic chicken, you can feel the taste of the meat. The Kyoto-style ankake, which contains soup stock such as dried sardines, mackerel, and kelp, is soaked in the rice, making it a savory rice. This soupy rice has a strong taste of seafood soup stock, and the juicy chicken and each other's tastes are complemented.

On the other hand, Omori looks like this.

Kyoto-style ankake is soaked in a large amount of rice, and the rice is also the main taste. Omori has a large amount of rice, but the balance with the egg is not lost and only the rice is not left over, so this is recommended for those who want to eat a solid amount.

Nakau 'Golden Oyakodon' will be offered at Nakau nationwide from September 10, 2020 (Thursday) to mid-October.

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