'Nissin Butter Chicken Curry Meshi Maroyaka', where the sourness of tomatoes and the richness of butter bring out a rich flavor, is authentic and spicy even though you just pour hot water.

'NISSIN Butter Chicken Curry Meshi Maroyaka ' was released on September 7, 2020 in the NISSIN FOODS CUP SLICE 'Curry Meshi' series. You can enjoy butter chicken curry, which is popular with a wide range of generations, just by pouring hot water and waiting for 5 minutes. I was wondering how far I could reproduce the butter chicken curry, so I actually tried it.

'Nissin Butter Chicken Curry Meshi Mellow' (Released on September 7) | NISSIN FOODS Group


NISSIN Butter Chicken Curry Meshi Mellow | NISSIN FOODS Group

Nissin Butter Chicken Curry Meshi The mellow package looks like this.

Under the message, 'The sourness of tomatoes and the richness of butter are Namaste!', The wish of Nissin Foods was quietly written, '* Let's make girls happy (gassho)'.

The spiciness level is set to 'medium spicy', which is the third of the five levels. The only way to make it is to pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes.

Looking at the raw material names, curry roux is composed of pork fat, wheat flour, sugar, salt, creaming powder, tomato powder spices, milk-based foods, chicken seasonings, onion seasonings, and butter oil. In addition, it contains seasoned chicken and carrots as ingredients.

Calories are 436 kcal per 100 g of meal.

When I opened the lid, I saw a mixture of dried seasoned chicken and carrots in the rice, and a lump of brown curry roux in the back.

Pour hot water ...

Wait 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, stir well. The trick is to use a spoon to scrape off the lumps of curry roux that are sunk in the rice.

When mixed well, it thickens and looks like curry. When you try it, the rich flavor of butter and the umami and sourness of tomatoes spread. In addition, spices such as ginger and garlic are also effective, and it is quite authentic as an instant butter chicken curry. The spiciness of the slowly rolling chili peppers adds to the aftertaste, but it is spicy enough to be eaten by people who are not good at spicy foods. The texture of the slightly crispy carrots and the elastic seasoned chicken was also a nice accent.

Nissin Butter Chicken Curry Meshi Mellow can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is 230 yen excluding tax. You can also order a set of 6 at Amazon.co.jp for 1490 yen including tax.

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