Amazon bans the sale of plants and seeds by overseas vendors following the 'mysterious seed incident'

Amazon reported that it has changed its policy to prohibit vendors outside the United States from selling plants and seeds in regards to a series of incidents of `` suddenly sent unidentified seeds from China '' It is being done.

Amazon Bans Foreign Plant Sales to US Amid Global Seed Mystery-WSJ

Amazon bars foreign sales of plants to the US following deliveries of mystery seeds-The Verge

Since July 2020, many mysterious cases have been reported in 27 states in the United States, where unordered seeds are mailed from China. A survey of seeds reported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed that there were more than 12 species, including morning glory and mustard.

A series of incidents where a mysterious ``seed'' is sent from China-GIGAZINE

According to USDA, nearly 20,000 cases of mysterious seeds have already been received, and about 9,000 bags have been collected. USDA says, “Camouflage of packaging can result in smuggling of crops.” “Seeds sent from abroad may be exotic and may harm commercial crops.” Is ringing.

In response to this, Amazon in the United States sent an email on the platform that prohibits sellers outside the United States from selling seeds and plants for the United States after September 3, 2020.

Amazon is 'for the seller policy plants and seed products in', to deal with 'plants and seeds, responsible for obtaining a license and authorization required, also responsible for the penalties due to the violation. Plant, 'Plant products and seeds cannot be imported from outside the United States,' he added, 'and they are part of an ongoing effort to protect customers and improve the customer experience.'

In addition, an Amazon spokesman told The Verge of IT news media, 'We will only allow sellers in the United States to sell seeds in the future,' and the accounts of sellers who violate the new guidelines will be deleted. There is a possibility that

In addition, multiple cases of mysterious seeds have been confirmed in Japan.

At the time of writing the article, Amazon in Japan did not announce any response such as revision of policy for mysterious seeds.

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries plant quarantine station calls for seeds that do not have stamps indicating that they have passed the import inspection on the exterior to be sent to the plant quarantine instead of planting them in the garden or planter.

If the plant you have not ordered from overseas is mailed to you, please contact the Plant Quarantine Service: Plant Quarantine Service

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