People who get fame have certain 'characteristics' and 'actions'

In the social world of humanity, 'social status' and 'one's relative rank' affect almost everything. Previous studies have shown that the rich

can live 10 to 15 years longer than the poor, and the places they will move to and incomes will change depending on their educational background. I will receive. A survey of people in 14 countries has revealed what traits and abilities affect one's social status.

Human status criteria: Sex differences and similarities across 14 nations.-- PsycNET

Behaviors and traits that influence social status, according to evolutionary psychologists-ScienceDaily

'From an evolutionary perspective, reproductive resources go to those with a higher social status, and those with lower social status have little or no resource,' says the University of Texas at Austin's evolutionary psychology. Mr. David Bass, a scholar. The research team led by Mr. Bass conducted a survey of 2751 people from 14 countries around the world in order to investigate what kind of human behavior and characteristics are related to high social status.

Researchers compare subjects with 240 factors, including behavior and personality, and investigate which factors increase or decrease the subject's respect for others. As a result, 'honestness,' 'work,' 'kindness,' 'intellectuality,' 'knowledge,' 'dedication to others,' and a sense of humor are shown to enhance a person's social status. It was.

“From Romania's gypsy to Guam's islanders, those with intellectual, courageous and leadership rank higher in the eyes of their peers. And having the ability to cost others is where you live. It lowers a person's social status regardless of what they do,' said Patrick Durkee, one of the researchers. Also, being a thief, being filthy, having a sexually transmitted disease, and being ashamed of another person's house are 'harmful acts' that will be kicked out of the group.

It was also confirmed that some factors have different effects on social status depending on gender. For example, in the research, points such as 'braveness', 'strength', and 'taking risks to protect fellows' were evaluated as 'ability and willingness to protect others', but this factor is more male than female and social There was a tendency to raise the target position. Women seem to have more influence on their social status because of the “household skills” and “attractiveness”.

Sexual strategies and behavioral tendencies also affected social status differently by gender. Being sexually distracting lowers the social status of both men and women, but even countries with high gender equality have been shown to tend to lower their social status in women. And having a long-term relationship raises the social status of both men and women, but after all, there was a tendency to raise the social status of women. On the other hand, 'loyalty' seems to have had a positive effect on social status in the same proportion for both men and women.

What is interesting is that the act of 'doing magic' lowers the social status in Zimbabwe and Eritrea, but has no effect in the United States, Russia, and Estonia. Also, 'sense of humor' has raised the social status of people all over the world, but it has a particularly large impact in Poland, and a moderate boost was seen in China, South Korea and Japan.

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