Apple has been litigating for seven years with 'whether you should pay employees for time of property inspection'

The Apple Store, which is a physical store operated by Apple, conducts a property inspection to check whether employees are stealing products, and this property inspection may take 45 minutes in some cases. Employees dissatisfied with Apple's failure to pay employees during this property check filed a class action suit. This 'lawsuit that asks whether you will pay your salary when inspecting your property' has been going on since 2013, and has been in court for seven years.

Apple owes retail workers for time spent in security screenings- 9th Circuit | Business Information & News | Westlaw Today

Apple owes retail workers for time spent in security screenings- 9th Circuit-Reuters

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Apple conducts inventory checks when employees of the Apple Store leave the store after work, or when they leave the store during breaks. This property check usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, but it can take up to 45 minutes in some cases. This property inspection time was not included in working hours, which caused some employees to complain. As a result, Apple Store employees filed a class action suit against Apple in the California District Court in October 2013, stating, 'You should pay for your inventory checks.'

In a lawsuit filed by an employee working at an Amazon warehouse in the past, the Supreme Court said, 'Since warehouse workers were not hired to perform security checks, security checks are not allowed as part of their work.' Amazon has ruled that it does not have to pay salaries for employee security checks. Based on this case, the lawsuit

dismissed by Apple Store employees in 2014 was dismissed .

In response, employees appealed the ruling and appealed to the California Supreme Court. The California Supreme Court upheld the employee's assertion and reversed the California District Court's ruling.

The court orders Apple to ``pay as employees while working while the property inspection is carried out''-GIGAZINE

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The California Supreme Court ruled in remand, and the case was to be heard again by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, but once again, ``Apple did the property inspection time at the end of the shift. The salary must be paid to more than 12,000 staff working at the Apple Store in California.' According to the decision of the Supreme Court of the State of California, this time, too, it was decided that the time spent for property inspection should be paid according to the state law of California.

Hopefully Apple's inventory inspection suit could end here. According to Apple, as of 2020, there are almost no property checks on Apple Store employees. However, Apple said that it will continue this lawsuit, 9to5Mac said, 'It is very incomprehensible that Apple chose to continue the dispute in court.'

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