A Japanese dubbed version of the Chinese anime movie 'Rakogoku Senki' depicting the journey and growth of the black cat fairy is announced

Fairy-Shaohei of location chased a black cat that live in, and the adventure path for feeding with fairy-Fushi et al manipulate the plant, depicting the growth of Shaohei of Among them, China production of the animated film 'La Oguro Senki (b The Japanese dubbed version of 'Shao Heisenki' has been decided.

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The main character, Xiao Hei, is Kana Hanazawa. The strongest executor, Mugen, is Mamoru Miyano. The role of Fuushi who leads Xiao Hei is Takahiro Sakurai. As a work that these three people co-starred in the main cast, there is an animated version of the movie ``GODZILLA'' series that all three parts were released from 2017 to 2018, and ``HUMAN LOST human disqualification'' released in 2019. ..

The comments from the main cast and the producer are as follows.

Xiao Hei, Kana Hanazawa:
Shaohei is a character that combines the cuteness of cats and children. So take in both elements and be cute! purely! I performed with that in mind.
At the beginning of the story, Xiao Hei is chased from where he used to live. That is the beginning of his growth. What is your friend? What is an enemy? I try to live by judging that. Moreover, I also have the experience that the values can be turned upside down.
However, through such a situation, Xiao Hei becomes heavier, though hesitant.
That's why the scene where Xiao Hei fights with a strong will is so impressive. The dynamicness of the battle scene is the charm of this work, but the look and performance of the cute Xiao Hei when he bravely fights is a must. It's a choking life, but I think it's a wonderful opportunity to have a big adventure in the theater. looking forward to! !! !!

Mamoru Miyano, the role of Mugen:
I was first drawn to the delicate expression, bold action, and polite animation of this work.
In the story, fairies and humans living in nature have a complicated relationship. Both have good and bad points, which creates conflicts. So how can we avoid conflicts? It is also a work dealing with a very universal theme.
Mugen is a human being who is involved in the fairy world. He performed with an awareness of his 'position' of standing between humans and fairies. It is attractive that his belief can be seen through 'position'. And in the movie, not only Mugen but also various characters meet Xiao Hei. By meeting Shaohei who is not stained with anything, we can see what each has.
I am very happy to be able to join the work that the gorgeous cast participates in. Please enjoy it at the theater.

Mr. Takahiro Sakurai, who plays Fuushi:
Fuchie was a very empathetic character. His actions may not be correct. However, there is something that he can call 'the cause', and I can understand the sentiment that the mind is leaning toward the direction that 'the world cannot be changed only by cleanliness.' He just reached out for the light ahead. So I was careful not to make it look like a villain. When fighting Mugen, I went to the front to win. I think it makes sense that Xiao Hei met Mugen and Fuchie, two people like light and shadow.
In this work, action is skillfully woven into the story. I think it's a difficult experience to enjoy this work with a simple but essential message. myself. I met this work and was able to reconfirm my origin. I hope you can see it on the big screen of the movie theater.

Aniplex Nobuhiro Nakayama Producer:
I first learned about this work from a post by a certain creator on Twitter. One day when I saw many posts with enthusiasm for this work on Twitter from that day, one person in the company said, 'I have a great work, please see it,' and there I also work. When I saw it, I honestly thought, 'This is a great work.' Although it was produced in China, I thought it was a purely entertaining story that could be understood in any country, and the enthusiasm of the creators on the screen made me feel jealous in a sense as a person involved in animation production. did. Beyond that feeling, I think that as a person who became a fan of this work, making a Japanese version will convey the fun and wonder of this work to more people, this project Was advanced.
With the cooperation of many people, such as acting of talented voice actors such as Mr. Hanazawa, and the direction of Iwanami Acoustic Director, we can complete 'Rochao Heisenki' with a new charm unique to the dubbed version. It was. I hope you can see it in the theater.
By the way, the assistant of the dubbed version production is the person who recommended me this work in-house. Thanks to his initiative, such as permission, we were able to produce this dubbed version. I think this was also possible due to the enthusiasm of those who were fascinated by the charm of the work 'Rochao Heisenki'.

“Rakoukuro Senki” is a work produced by MTJJ, a Chinese cartoonist and animation director, and Beijing Mandarin Spring Flower Video Technology Co., Ltd. (HMCH). Shunka Kangi is a company that was originally founded by MTJJ, the 'Rakogoku Senki Workshop'. In 2011, the original FLASH animation version of the movie (28 episodes) was released online, and it was made into a movie that was so popular that it could be said to be one of China's leading anime.

In addition, box office revenue in China is 315 million yuan (about 4.9 billion yen). In Japan, a subtitled version was released in October 2019, though it was small, and was a hot topic. The subtitled screening will be a long run at some theaters, and the final screening has just arrived on August 13, 2020 (Thursday).

The dubbed Japanese version of 'Rakoguro Senki (My Future)' will be released on Saturday, November 7, 2020. A nationwide advance ticket that comes with a limited number of Xiao Hei acrylic straps is 1500 yen including tax and will be released on Saturday, September 5, 2020.

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