Clearly pirated sharing site provides user data to lawyer

It was revealed that the operator of

YTS , one of the torrent file indexing sites that allows users to quickly share and download files over the network, provided law firms with their personal data. Users who download torrent files from YTS may have to pay a fine of up to $1,000.

YTS Torrent Giant is'Part' of a Bizarre & Brand New Anti-Piracy Scheme * TorrentFreak

Top torrent website, YTS is sharing user emails and IP addresses with anti-piracy law firm-AndroidRookies

It's a well-known fact that websites like YTS store data such as users' IP addresses and email addresses, which has been around for years, says Andy Maxwell, a writer for news site TorrentFreak. States.

Originally YTS, which had been sued by a movie production company for copyright infringement, said that it submitted the user's personal information according to the request of the lawyer of the movie production company. YTS operator Cental Vijay Segaran, in collaboration with film production company lawyer Kelly Culpepper, 'to help support lawsuits against suspected pirates in the United States.' Under the name, he decided to provide Mr. Culpeper with the user's email address and IP address.

According to the email that Mr. Maxwell got from the law firm such as Culpeper to the YTS user, the email contains the recipient's email address, IP address, the date when the copyright infringement was alleged and `` You have downloaded an illegal torrent file that is a copy of our client's video.' In addition, it seems that the e-mail clearly stated that if you do not pay around 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen) as a fine, you will take further legal measures.

Using and sharing copyright-protected content on a torrent site is a copyright infringement, but not all torrent files are copyright-protected content, so if you just download a torrent file, Not a violation of rights.

It is known that YTS is operated by a company called Techmodo Limited in the UK. Techmodo Limited is a company officially recognized by the British Government and its director was Mr Segaran. As a result, YTS is ostensibly run as a legitimate website, and if YTS is an illegal website, 'Techmodo Limited will not be able to operate YTS in the UK,' Maxwell said.

Regarding the fact that 'a torrent indexing site operated by a legitimate organization collected personal information of users and passed it to a third party,' Maxwell said, 'Calpeppa et al. I have asked for help, but to say the least, it's unusual.'

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