SIE acquires a patent for a mechanism to automatically identify a player who has a controller

It turns out that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has obtained a patent for a system for identifying players with controllers. If this system is installed, it will not be necessary to manually switch between

PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts even if multiple people use the controller.

United States Patent and Trademark Office US2020/0261803 A1

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The document shows the game console and various related equipment.

Various devices such as gyro sensor, acceleration sensor, and pressure sensor are installed in the controller of the game console. This patent identifies the player holding the controller from the information obtained from these sensors. With the PSN account, you can manage the progress and achievements of the game and content for each player, so it is convenient for the player with a controller to log in automatically without having to manually log in to the PSN account. There seems to be an aim to raise it.

However, since many experimental patents are applied and acquired in addition to those actually installed, it is unknown whether this function will be implemented in PS5 scheduled to appear at the end of 2020.

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