Amazon general availability of quantum computing service 'Amazon Braket'

Amazon's cloud service ' Amazon Web Services (AWS)' has released general availability of the fully managed system ' Amazon Braket ' that supports the research and development environment of quantum computing. In the future, general R&D developers will also be able to experience quantum computing research using Amazon Braket's development tools, simulators, and quantum hardware sets.

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Braket |, Inc.-- Press Room

Amazon Braket enables scientists, researchers, and developers to experience and experiment with quantum computers from multiple developers on a single platform. It is possible to learn about programming methods and application development methods in quantum computers, design quantum algorithms and verify implementation on quantum computers in a unified environment, the system is Amazon's partners D-Wave and IonQ , It is provided by companies such as Rigetti .

Amazon announces that it will provide quantum computing service ``Amazon Braket'' on AWS-GIGAZINE

``Quantum computing has the potential to lead to new scientific discoveries that will transform energy storage, chemical engineering, drug discovery, financial portfolio optimization, machine learning, and more,'' Amazon said. It will help us overcome challenges,' commented. Amazon Braket does not have to newly learn multiple development environments, and the quantum computer that executes the algorithm is selected from D-Wave's superconducting quantum annealer, ionQ's trap ion processor, Rigetti's superconducting quantum processor. I said that there is an advantage that you can choose freely.

``Quantum computing technology has made significant progress, and thousands of customers are exploring the potential of using quantum computers to quantify quantum technology,'' said Bill Vass, AWS Vice President of Technology. We are looking for ways to contribute to the advancement of computing technology.' 'By using Amazon Braket, we are ready to use quantum computing as a research tool from companies that are just beginning to explore the possibilities of quantum computing. Even companies can start experimenting with quantum computers right away.'

Until now, the use of Amazon Braket was limited to corporate customers, but after August 14, 2020, general users can also use it. However, at the beginning of general availability, it is limited to the Northern Virginia, American California, and AWS areas of Oregon, and will be offered sequentially in other areas.

In addition, a user who actually tried Amazon Braket on Qiita has already appeared.

Let's start a quantum computer with Amazon Braket! -Qiita

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