'Village Generator' that allows you to create as many 'villages' as you like

With ' Village Generator, ' which can generate a 'village' map that can be useful in setting the stage for TRPGs and fantasy works, you can create an original townscape with a simple operation on your browser.

Village Generator by watabou

When you access the site, you can immediately see the automatically generated village map.

Right-click on the map to display the menu. Click 'New village'...

A new map will be automatically generated. You can also use the Enter key to generate a map, so you can update it steadily and search for a nice terrain.

Also, if you click 'Reroll village'...

You can rearrange only the layout of buildings, leaving the large terrain intact. The flow is to search for a nice terrain in the 'New village' and repeat the 'Reroll village' to search for the townscape.

You can set the name of the village from 'Rename village' in the menu.

Besides being able to freely enter the name of the village……

You can also click 'Roll' to create a random village name.

The name of the village you set will be displayed in the corner of the screen by checking 'Show title' in the menu.

Villages are automatically generated at random, but you can set rough parameters. Click “Parameters” in the menu.....

Automatic generation is possible by specifying the size of the map, the density of the building, and the presence or absence of water.

If you set the map size to 'Small' and click 'Generate'...

The size of the village has become quite small.

If you select 'Large', the map will be large and detailed. You can generate it according to the image of the village you want to imagine.

'Pop density' is the density at which buildings are placed. In 'Medium', it's about the image...

If you set it to 'Low', it will be arranged so that there is plenty of space between buildings.

On the other hand, if you set it to 'High', it became a village with a dense population.

If the 'Water' item is set to 'None', a map with no water will be generated. On the other hand, if you check 'River' and click 'Generate'...

You can always generate villages that include rivers in the map.

You can also include the coast by checking 'Coast'. However, you can't check both the river and the coast.

Once you've found a nice terrain, set up the map display. From 'Show elevation', set whether to display the 'elevation' of the map.

If you uncheck 'Show elevation', the green land area will be displayed as a smooth map without undulations. If you want to stick to the terrain, it is better to display the altitude, and if you just need to arrange it, erase the altitude and display it simply.

In addition, there are three types of display settings for the entire map. If you change from the default 'Vivid style' and click 'Hand-drawn style'...

You can make it black and white as if you were mapping it by hand.

'Minimalist style' is a simplified black and white map.

This is done! Then, you can download the map as an image file by clicking 'Export as PNG' in the menu. Since it is said that you can freely use the village map created with 'Village Generator', you can use it as a template for game production or insert it as a novel setting image.

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