Movie 'AT & T UNIX PC 7300 boot up' that records the valuable UNIX boot screen

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AT&T 's Bell Labs , UNIX is the source of the most widespread operating systems today, such as macOS , Linux , and FreeBSD . A valuable movie that records such a UNIX startup screen is available on YouTube.

AT&T UNIX PC 7300 boot up-YouTube

The ' AT & T UNIX PC 7300 ' that appears in the movie is a model equipped with 512KiB memory and a 10MB hard drive. At that time, it had a “wedge” design that had a modern look. Reach behind the PC 7300 and power it on.

When the power is turned on, a vague mark appears in the upper left of the screen……

The mark was clearly displayed after about 5 seconds.

The boot screen is displayed and the disk is being searched.

The characters are crushed and hard to read, but it seems that the boot loader is being loaded.

When the loading of the boot loader is completed, the entire screen glows green and the mark 'writing' is displayed in the lower right.

After a while, the message 'Welcome to the AT&T UNIX pc.' was displayed and checking of the saved files started.

After checking the saved files in about 40 seconds, the driver started loading next. It takes about 1 minute to load the driver.

After loading the driver, the next step is to set up the screen. This is completed in a few seconds.

When everything is set up, a bar will be displayed in the upper right corner...

The UNIX login screen is displayed. It took about 3 minutes from turning on the power of the PC to displaying the login screen. Some modern PCs start the OS in a few seconds after the power is off, so those who have only used modern PCs may feel that the startup speed of the PC 7300 is confused. ..

Unfortunately, I can't log in because I don't know the password of the root user.

The date and time are located in the center of the top of the screen...

On the right side is the status display. It is similar to the

GNOME Shell used in Linux today.

I tried to log in many times, but it seems that I could not log in because the password was incorrect.

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