I tried playing with an expansion set of ``LEGO Super Mario'' that can make and play Super Mario courses in the real world

' LEGO Super Mario ' where you can enjoy the world of Super Mario with Lego Block will finally appear on August 1, 2020. In addition to the basic set 'Lego Mario

and the start of the adventure-starter set ', there are multiple types of expansion sets that can be combined with this to further play. I tried to experience the further play of LEGO Super Mario by using several expansion sets along with the starter set and the 'Power Up Pack' that can change the appearance of LEGO Mario.

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A high-tech Lego Mario 'LEGO Mario' equipped with a display, speakers, an acceleration sensor, a gyro sensor, a camera sensor, etc., and the 'Lego Mario and the start of the adventure-starter set' that contains the basic blocks of LEGO Super Mario What kind of play is possible with ',' is summarized in the following article.

I actually tried playing ``LEGO Super Mario'' by moving Mario on the LEGO block-GIGAZINE

This time, we were able to play 5 expansion packs:Kinopio and treasure hunt ”, “ Pac-n's flower balance challenge ”, “ Magnum killer's round and round challenge ”, power-up pack “ Necomario ” and character pack “ Nige Puku ”. One.

◆ Kinopio and treasure hunt
The expansion set that I was able to play this time was three: 'Kinopio and treasure hunting', 'Pack'n flower balance challenge' and 'Magnum killer's round and round challenge', of which 'Kinopio and treasure hunting' is a larger package than the other two. The target age is slightly higher than 8 years old.

To check how to assemble the expansion set with the special application, tap the upper right of the application basic screen.

Then tap the expansion set you are looking for. In this case, you can tap 'Kinopio and treasure hunt' to check how to assemble each block and check how to play with a movie.

The characters in 'Kinopio and the treasure hunt' are Kinopio and Kinopico.

A special cord is placed at the foot of Kinopio and Kinopico.

If you read this with LEGO Mario, Mario will speak.

Other blocks include mushroom-shaped houses and...

Rotating round and round

From left, turntable, treasure chest, slide stand

When these are put together and a course is made, it will look like this.

You can see what it looks like when you play with 'Kinopio and treasure hunt' by watching the following movie. 'Kinopio and the treasure hunt' is the largest expansion set I've played this time and has a volume higher than the starter set, so I recommend it to those who want to arrange their own course while assembling the Lego block.

I tried playing with LEGO Super Mario's expansion set ``Kinopio and treasure hunt''-YouTube

In addition, the expansion set includes Lego Mario necessary for playing on the course and ...

Since the blocks that are essential start and finish points for playing the course are not included, the starter set is a must-have item in order to obtain these.

◆Bakun's Balance Challenge
Next, this is the 'Pack'n Flower Balance Challenge'. The target age is 7 years or older.

In addition to Kuribo and Nokonoco...

A box where you can extend the time limit when playing the course you made

Three seesaws with Pac-n's flowers. It is a relatively simple structure.

If you connect these parts,

The 'Pac-n's Flower Balance Challenge' has the highest game quality of the expansion set that I was able to play this time, and is especially recommended for those who want to enjoy 'playing' on the course made by LEGO Super Mario.

I played with the LEGO Super Mario expansion set ``Pac-n's Flower Balance Challenge''-YouTube

◆ Magnum Killer's round and round challenge
The package of 'Magnum Killer's round and round challenge' looks like this. The target age is 7 years or older.

Hei Ho & Super Mushroom for set

And there is a magnum killer.

The killer is a set of parts that can be rotated like this.

Place a turntable in front of it...

If you make the rotating parts of the killer mesh with the gears of the turntable, the killer will rotate together with the turntable.

When I connect each part, it looks like this.

When I actually play it, it looks like this. Although there are cases where the killer and the LEGO Mario placed on the turntable collide, it is quite fun as a gimmick that the killer turns around just by moving the turntable.

I tried playing with the expansion set ``Magnum Killer's round and round challenge'' of LEGO Super Mario-YouTube

◆Power Up Pack: Necomario
In addition, there is also a 'power-up pack' that allows you to change the appearance of LEGO Mario. I was able to use this time with the power-up pack 'Necomario', and the package looks like this.

Here's the block inside.

First, disassemble the LEGO Mario hat and tie...

The Necomario is completed by attaching the Necomario parts to the main body.

I thought that it would only change the appearance, but when I attached the Necomario parts, the Necomario's speaking voice was also changed to a cat, and you can check how it looks like in the following movie.

LEGO Super Mario's power-up pack ``Necomario'' looks like this-YouTube

◆Character Pack: Nige Puku
In addition, a 'Character Pack' that allows you to obtain characters that can be used in LEGO Super Mario will also be available. This time, I was able to play 'Nige Puku' from the character pack. It looks like this.

There is a code for reading on the back. You can actually buy it to see what kind of action happens when you read this code with LEGO Mario.

By combining the starter set and expansion set, you can freely customize your own course, so the way you play is expanding. You can make such a huge course just by combining the starter set and 3 expansion sets, so if you want to build your own Super Mario World, it is very ant to try out some expansion set. ..

The 'Pack'n Flower Balance Challenge' will be pre-sold from July 10, 2020, as with the Starter Kit, and other expansion kits, character packs, and power-up packs will be released on August 1, 2020.

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