Mario 's first Mario "SUPER MARIO RUN" started delivery on iOS, and I actually played it

As the application for smartphones will be released for the first time Mario's latest work "Super marion runDelivery started on December 16, 2016 in Japan time. I tried to actually play and see how Mario playing on smartphone looks like.

Super Mario Run | Nintendo

◆ Installation · Initial setting
Super marion runApp StoreYou can install from free of charge. Tap "Get" to install the application.

When installation is completed tap "open" and the application will start up as it is.

On the startup screen Mario is running like this, you can start screening anywhere, so start the game by tapping.

At the first start, select the country / region where you live and tap "OK".

Then it will change to the cooperation screen with the Nintendo account. If you link with Nintendo account, save data can be restored even if you delete the application by mistake or change the model, so it is convenient. Of course, you can enjoy the game even if you tap "later" without cooperation. Even if you do not have a Nintendo account, you can also link with Nintendo network ID or Facebook · Google · Twitter account.

Next, the terms of use are displayed, so tap "I agree".

In the game you can play with competing scores with friends, so you also need to set up user names and icons. Enter the user name in the text box and tap "OK". This completes the initial setting.

◆ Basic operation of the game
The story of the game starts here, you can see how to operate Mario.

Apparently Mario seems to head to the castle after receiving a peach invitation. Tap OK.

Mario that appeared on the screen

But there's a cuppa here ... ...

It will be declared to take peach and cake. Tap "Next".

Mario will follow Cupa and head for the castle, but the tutorial will start from here. In Super Mario Run, Mario keeps running with auto without touching the screen of the smartphone. From here, tap "OK" to proceed.

I found an arrow ahead.

If you touch this you will collect coins as they appear.

It is possible to jump over small steps with auto.

Even if you do not operate anything like this you will avoid steps without permission.

A small groove also jumps automatically.

It is designed to jump automatically up to about two body of Mario.

However, large grooves can not jump over by auto, they fall.

In super mario run it is possible to resurrect as becoming bubbles even if it falls.

Tap the screen ......

The bubble breaks and Mario revives.

Small jumps will jump over with auto.

Mario jumps over Clyba.

When jumping over Nokonoko, with a detailed production that Nokonoko enters the shell.

Mario jumps when you tap the screen, the longer you tap, the higher the jump.

If you tap short, Mario's jump's highest reach is about this ... ...

You can jump more than twice if you tap long.

Of course you can blow a character character. You can get a coin by gripping the texture.

Flea markets become a shell ... ...

It is possible to hit a text character.

The tutorial is over when Mario came close to the castle.

"Super Hint" is displayed on Super Mario Run's data download screen, and you can tell me how to operate it.

Koppa rampaging around in the castle.

The castle became a mecha, it seems that the peach was also kicked away. Tap "OK".

◆ World Tour
The main game of Super Mario Run is "World Tour". Like Mario, it is an action game of side scrolling.

So, I started going on adventure to help Peach from Koppa. Tap "World Tour".

Tap "OK".

Tap the colored world.

Tap 'Start'.

Then the game starts.

Actually you can see how to play super marion run WORLD 1-1 "Tomoriba rise and carry" in the following movie.

WORLD 1-1 of "Super Mario Run (SUPER MARIO RUN)" "Tomboy no Utori Noriko" - YouTube

When you clear the world, the number of collected coins and the number of knocked-down teeth is displayed. Tap "Next".

Pink coins and familiar red coins will also appear in the world. You can get a star by collecting all the red coins, but the situation can be seen in the following movie

WORLD 1-3 "Super mario run (SUPER MARIO RUN)" "Mushroom Valley Patapata" - YouTube

If you collect all the pink coins, you will be able to collect purple coins placed in different places from the pink coins on the same stage.

In addition, although it is possible to go to the boss stage by clearing WORLD 1-3 "Mushroom Valley Pathapata" ... ....

To play WORLD 1-4 or later you need to purchase the world.

From WORLD 1-4 onwards you can purchase at 1200 yen, and you can also get rally tickets × 30, coins × 3000, Hatena block × 1, and there is no additional charge after that.

To return to the kingdom screen from the world selection screen tap "return" is OK.

◆ Kinopion Rally
Next, on "Kinopio Rally" where Mario can play while competing with friends.

After clearing WORLD 1-1 and returning, you can receive the rally ticket necessary to play the kinopio rally from Kinopio. Tap "OK".

You can check the rally ticket you got on the upper left of the screen.

To play the Kinopion Rally, tap "Kinopio Rally" at the center of the bottom of the screen.

Tap "OK".

A kinoopio rally is a mode in which you can compete with other players for coolness. The main part of the game is to play alone, but the kinopio rally is a thing to compete with friends for playing. Tap "OK".

You need to consume a rally ticket to play Kinoopio Rally. Tap "Yes".

Select your opponent. You can only select "Nintendo" when playing for the first time, but after that you can compete with your friends and strangers.

Tap "Start" to start the game.

"We judge victory or defeat by the number of coins taken in the kinopio rally and the number of kinoopios that came to cheer." Tap "OK".

"When you make a cool action during the kinoopio rally the gauge will accumulate ... tap the coin rush with the gauge full tongue!" "OK".

"When you decide further cool actions, the kinopios will come back!" "Ok" is tapped.

When the commentary is over, the game starts.

The operation method is the same as the normal playing mode, but when you fix the cool action, the following icons are displayed on the screen, the gauge gathers and the kinopio comes to cheer.

When the gauge fills up, a coin rush will start and it will be a chance to get lots of coins.

Kinopion Rally is a game that competes how coolly well coins were collected in 60 seconds, measurement started after time-up.

Tap "OK".

First of all, we counted the number of coins we got ... ...

Add bonus points according to the number of kinopios that came to cheer for the number of coins.

Finally, the one with more points is the winner.

The kinopios who cheered in the kinopio rally come to my kingdom. Tap "OK".

It was 29 red kinoopio that cheered this time. Tap "Next".

Tap "Return to Kingdom" after the result is displayed ......

A lot of kinopio came and the level of the castle rose. Tap "OK".

It is possible to repair castles and towns if you play kinopio rallies and increase kinopio. Tap "OK".

The kingdom at the time of the first play is almost like a lot of ground with this kind of feeling, but if you gather a lot of kinopio at the kinopio rally you can upgrade to a luxurious kingdom as much as you can gather.

The world that you can play in the Kinopio Rally will increase by unlocking various worlds on World Tour.

◆ Making Kingdom
Customizing your own kingdom is "making kingdoms".

To do the kingdom making, tap "Kingdom making" at the bottom right of the screen.

In the kingdom making, you can buy buildings and change the placement. First of all, I will buy a building at a shop. Tap "OK".

Tap "Shop".

Buildings that can be placed in the kingdom can be purchased with coins collected in the game. At first, I will purchase "Bonus Game Hall" where you can get items that can be used in the game. Tap "OK".

Tap the star icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Tap the red frame part icon.

Tap "Go".

Tap anywhere in the kingdom.

Then we were able to place the pavilion of bonus games purchased as below in the kingdom.

If you tap the bonus game pavilion, you can play a bonus game that you can get coins and rally tickets every 8 hours.

You can change the kingdom at any time by tapping "Kingdom making" at the bottom right of the screen.

You can store, move, place new buildings, purchase buildings at shops.

Looking at the shop, various items are sold.

By inviting various kinopio to the kingdom, you can unlock items you can purchase.

To see what kind of kinopio is in your own kingdom, you can see the breakdown by tapping the icon at the top center of the screen.

What you can do in your own kingdom, when you tap a gift ......

It is possible to receive items that can be obtained by login bonus or accounting in a gift box.

Tap kenopio ... ...

You can check the information of the game.

Tap the castle ......

Since you can check the appearance of the kingdom before being destroyed by Koppa, it is ok if you aim for this and rebuild the kingdom.

Furthermore, when you tap "Friend" ... ...

You can check the friend list. From this screen you can also accept approval / invitation / addition of friends, cooperation of account etc.

And tap "My Nintendo" ......

You can change user name, avatar, BGM and SE setting.

When you tap on the menu, 'Sayetai' and 'Sukan' are displayed.

"Tokukan" allows you to check characters, textures and techniques.

In "Character" characters available for adventure are displayed. Judging from the silhouette, Luigi Peach · Kinopio · Kinopico · Yoshi can be used.

In "Teki" you can check the taste that you have killed so far.

Judging from the scroll bar, it seems that various kinds of textures appear.

"Technique" introduces techniques that you can use in game play. Technique with thumb icon is "cool action", it is an action that kinopio comes to cheer if it is done at the time of kinopio rally.

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