A system to limit minor smartphone game billing and play time with face recognition will be developed

It is reported that Chinese game company

Tencent Games has developed a function to identify underage game players by face recognition before actually logging in to the game or paying for paid content and actually mounting it in the game. It is being done.

Tencent games to use facial recognition to identify minors at login and payment-Global Times

China's Tencent to use facial recognition to curb young video gamers-UPI.com

According to Tencent Games, if the system detects that a minor player may be using an adult account, the facial recognition system will be activated. Minor players are limited to 90 minutes on weekdays and 3 hours on public holidays.

Also, the face recognition system will be effective even before paying for billed content during the game. According to Tencent Games, if a minor player is suspected of using an adult's account, the facial recognition system will start before payment of more than RMB 400 (about 6000 yen).

China announced in November 2019 that it will restrict online gameplay under the age of 18. In addition, the fee for online games is 50 RMB (about 750 yen) per person from 8 years old to under 16 years old / 200 yuan (about 3000 yen) per month, 100 per time from 16 years old to under 18 years old RMB (about 1500 yen) ・A limit of 400 yuan (about 6000 yen) per month has been set.

Regulations are set up in China that ``Under the age of 18 prohibits midnight online games, only 90 minutes a day to play''-GIGAZINE

Tencent Games' facial recognition system aims to detect players who are circumventing the restriction of minors using adult accounts, 'Liaoning middle school students using their parents' personal account 8700 It was decided that the introduction was decided in response to the news that 'We charged a dollar (about 920,000 yen)'.

The face recognition system has already been introduced in Honor of Kings and Heiwa Seimei (Game for Peace) . Tencent Games says that the face recognition system will be integrated into all Tencent Games smartphone games in the future.

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