Research shows that human eggs prefer sperm, men are sorted not only by appearance and status but also by sperm


eggs use chemical signals to attract sperm , but recent studies have shown that eggs are particularly strong at attracting sperm from certain men.

Supplementary methods, tables and figure from Chemical signals from eggs facilitate cryptic female choice in humans

Human eggs prefer some men's sperm over others, research shows

Although humans spend a lot of time and energy to select lifelong partners, after being a partner and having sexual intercourse, the 'Egg partner selection work' continues, Stockholm University of Sweden and Manchester of England. The latest research done jointly by the University NHS Foundation Trust has revealed.

Associate professor John Fitzpatrick of the University of Stockholm, who participated in the study, said, 'Eggs of humans release chemoattractants that attract sperm when they are not fertilized. When the egg uses this chemical signal, We wanted to know if we were sorting out the sperm that would attract us.'

Researchers investigated how

follicular fluid, which contains an egg chemoattractant, responds to sperm. According to Associate Professor Fitzpatrick, 'We were able to confirm that the follicular fluid of one woman attracts the sperm of one male and the follicular fluid of another woman attracts the sperm of another male.' Eggs have been shown to attract sperm from certain men. In other words, it is not known if the egg prefers the sperm of the partner the woman chooses.

Associate professor Fitzpatrick explains that sperm do the single job of fertilizing an egg, so sperm's preference for the egg side is 'meaningless'. On the other hand, eggs can benefit greatly by choosing high quality or genetically compatible sperm.

``The idea that eggs are preferred for sperm is a human fertility,'' said Daniel Brison, the lead author of the study and head of reproductive medicine at St Mary's Hospital, a member of the University of Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. It's a very novel perspective on things.”

``Studies on how eggs and sperms interact, such as this one, could advance fertility treatments and ultimately understand some of the causes of infertility that are currently'unexplainable' to couples,'' said Bryson. It may be,' the study said, leading to improved fertility treatments in the future.

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