How did Twitter label President Trump's tweets to recommend fact checking?

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On May 28, 2020, we added a label recommending fact checking to Twitter that Trump posted on Twitter as 'possibly misleading'. This labeling is a new system introduced due to the increase in misinformation in the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and this is the first case that it has been attached to political tweets. OneZero, a news blog site, reports what happened in Twitter.

Inside Twitter's Decision to Fact-Check Trump's Tweets

The trigger was that Trump gave a note label recommending a fact check to the tweet that President Trump conducted on May 26, 2020 that ' postal voting leads to fraudulent elections'. was.

Twitter labels Trump's tweet as `` may be misleading '' for the first time-GIGAZINE

In response, President Trump said, 'Republicans feel that social media is quieting the voices of conservatives.' 'Before these things get through, tighter regulations on social media or closure He said, 'I should do it.' He expressed discomfort and showed a confrontation with social media.

President Trump clarifies the confrontation stance that `` a huge IT company will censor for the presidential election in 2020 but it will not let it ''-GIGAZINE

And on May 29, 2020, President Trump (PDF file) President deprives 'Disclaimer for content posted by users against major SNS such as Twitter and Facebook' protected by Article 230 of the Communication Quality Act Sign the order. President Trump says, 'Since each SNS is no longer a forum for neutral debate but a' political movement ', regulation is necessary.'

President Trump signs executive order targeting social media for `` freedom of expression ''-GIGAZINE

Brandon Boaman, Vice President of Global Communications at Twitter, said, 'A tweet about President Trump's postal vote could violate citizens' integrity policy ,' said a non-profit partner with Twitter. There was a report from the group. This citizen integrity policy was introduced during the 2018 US midterm elections . Violations of the policy may result in actions such as deleting tweets, modifying your profile, or permanently freeing your account.

President Trump's tweets that were reported to violate the policy were first checked by a check team inside Twitter. The first check wasn't labeling the fact check, it was just checking to see if it violated the citizen integrity policy. As a result of the check, Mr. Trump's tweet concluded that 'I do not violate the policy on citizen integrity'.

However, since May 11, 2020, Twitter has been 'labeling' for fact checks, and President Trump's tweets have been considered to be subject to this labeling. Labeling was a system that was introduced after the issue of misinformation about new coronavirus infections circulating on social media, but Twitter said, `` As needed, context of various types of unconfirmed claims and rumors. We will continue to introduce new labels in order to submit. '

Twitter announces that it will label and warn about misleading new coronavirus tweets-GIGAZINE

An internal team on Twitter rechecked President Trump's tweets to discuss the applicability of this labeling system. Now, Trump's post-voting tweet is the first political-related tweet to be labeled with a fact-check required.

However, even if the Check Team determines that 'Trump's Tweet should be labeled,' it doesn't happen immediately. The results of the check will be reported to Twitter's Vice President of Trust and Safety, Del Harvey, and legal counsel, Sean Edget, and must be approved. Originally, one of Jack Dorsey's CEO's agent, Mr. Villava Gadde, was supposed to check, but Mr. Gadde was on maternity leave, so it seems that Mr. Harvey and Edget checked is.

by Howard Lake

Harvey and Edget agree with the Check Team's assessment and judgment that 'trumps Trump's postal voting should be labeled with a fact check.' By the afternoon of May 26, a presentation of the proposed labeling was given in front of the executives, including CEO Dorsey, with the approval of the executives. And finally, Mr. Boaman and Mr. Monik Mesh of Vice President in charge of government response were entrusted with the enforcement decision of labeling.

According to Boerman, the government rep appears at the end of the process after the internal and board meetings to enable a policy-making process independent of the government. In addition, Mr. Boaman said, 'I was able to anticipate that Mr. Trump would show a confrontational attitude in advance, but it was completely unexpected to amend Article 230 of the Communication Quality Act,' said the correction. Point out that everyone involved in the above check system may be liable for legal liability.

CEO Jack Dorsey reported on May 28 that President Trump had revealed his confrontation with social media: 'Who is ultimately responsible for our actions as a company? Exclude our employees from pursuing legal liability, we will continue to point out false or controversial information about elections globally, and We acknowledge the mistakes we make and make them ours. '

Regarding this matter, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, 'Social media should generally not be a true arbitrator. Political speeches are one of the most delicate parts of democracy, People should have the right to see what politicians say, 'he criticized Twitter's response.

Zuckerberg: Facebook, Twitter should not fact-check political speech

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