A professional yoga instructor talks about how to acquire a 'natural way of walking' that does not burden the body

From a young age, humans learn how to walk by observing their parents and surroundings, and learn how to walk as they grow up. However, due to cultural reasons and customs, there is a possibility that the movements of the pelvis and arms may be unconsciously different from the original way of walking, so a yoga instructor who runs a school to train yoga teachers in Berlin Tatiana Messar insists.

How to improve your walking technique


Messar is a person who studies human movement from a scientific side and devises various training methods. While using Axis Syllabus , a reference system that collects empirical and scientific knowledge gained from studies of human movements such as anatomy and physics, many people say that `` natural We have come to the conclusion that we have not been able to carry out “walking”.

“One of the key elements of our way of walking is to move our right and left feet simultaneously, and our left and right feet at the same time. However, the way of walking, which is greatly influenced by culture, is unbalanced and our body needs more than we need. It can be overwhelming, ”Messar said, suggesting three types of training to help you learn to walk naturally.

◆ 1: Search for the correct movement pattern
First, while standing, shake your arm back and forth to rock your pelvis left and right. When you feel the knees bounce, walk with your right hand and left foot, and your left hand and right foot swinging forward simultaneously. The point is to relax the whole body and be aware of shaking the arm. 'Don't worry if you feel uncomfortable. Forgetting old movement patterns and learning new patterns is always awkward at first. As you practice, your walking will become more natural.' Says Messar.

You can see how Mr. Messar is actually walking with 'natural walking' in the following movie.

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◆ 2: Correct the position of the head
The head position is a major issue in walking. As more people look at smartphones while walking, more and more people are walking while tilting their heads forward and pointing downwards, Messar said. 'The head weighs about 6-8 kilos, but tilting the head forward puts a load of nearly 20 kilos on the shoulders and neck. Place your head right above your shoulders and your chin parallel to the ground. If you do this, your weight will be distributed to your feet and to the ground. Straighten your head and look forward instead of down. Also, relax your lower jaw, open your mouth a little and open your tongue. Relax your base, ”says Messar.

◆ 3: Be aware of how to place your feet
How to put your feet when walking is also an important point. According to Messar, the correct way to walk is to 'roll with your feet rolling'. First place the center of the heel on the ground, then roll the outer edge and then place the little toe on the ground. And finally putting your thumb is the correct way to walk, as Mr. Messar said.

In addition, it is counterproductive to try to force yourself to change the way of walking in a short time, and it is important to take natural time to find a natural way of walking, Messar said.

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