Moss'Green Burger 'tasting review that you can eat tightly with vegetables and grains as the main ingredients with zero meat

`` Green burger '' whose main ingredients are vegetables and grains, which do not use

gomono such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and garlic with a strong smell, appeared in Mos Burger from May 21, 2020 doing. 'Smart pie [domestic apple filling]' has also appeared since the same day, so I actually ate it at the shop.

Pay attention to the food style “Flexitarian” from now on! 'Green Burger', a 'burger that is kind to the environment and body' that doesn't use animal ingredients or Gojo, is on sale nationwide! Soipati products are also renewed at the same time
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In response to the revival request, a handy apple pie that can be enjoyed with one hand is now available! 'Smart pie [domestic apple filling]'-New release as a standard product from Thursday, May 21-
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So, I will try the green burger purchased at takeout.

Green burger consists of spinach bures and buns with soy milk cream, tomatoes, tomato sauce with herbs and sweet sake, soy-derived vegetable protein-based patties and lettuce. From the moment you open the wrapping paper, the scent of herbs spreads fluffy.

The tomato sauce, where minced meat is usually used, has a texture with carrot and burdock.

The cross section looks like this. On the cross section of the patty, you can see konjac and cabbage to add texture.

When I tried it, it had a texture and flavor that I wouldn't know unless I was told that I didn't use meat. Probably because the shiitake extract is used, it has a strong taste and has an atmosphere like 'sausage with herbs'. Since it has a good eating quality, it seems to be an option for people who want to reduce the amount of meat eaten, but since the aroma of herbs such as rosemary and thyme used as a substitute for garlic etc is strong anyway, that point The tastes were likely to be divided.

At the end, I will try 'Smart Pie [Domestic apple filling].

This is about the size.

The smart pie is a pie that is made by mixing apple leaves into the pie dough that is made by mixing tea leaves. The dough is slightly thick and has a chewy texture, and it goes without saying that it goes well with the sweet and sour taste of apples. The flavor of black tea is not strong, does it smell a little aftertaste? It was about that. It's easy to eat and shape, so it looks good for desserts and snacks at 3:00.

The green burger costs 538 yen by tax and the smart pie [domestic apple filling] costs 186 yen by tax.

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