Bill Gates chooses '5 books to read in the summer of 2020 and 8 books worth reading'

Bill Gates, the founder and reader of Microsoft, has announced '5 books to read this summer,' which has become the norm for the average summer. Many of Gates' books are interesting, but some are not published in Japanese, and I'm worried that 'I can't really read the original language ...', but in the summer of 2020 4 of the 5 recommended books have been translated into Japanese, so you can easily pick them up.

5 summer books and other things to do at home | Bill Gates

◆ 1: ' The Choice ' Edith Eger
International bestseller in Holocaust literature by Dr. Edith Eger, who survived to become a psychiatrist in the United States when he was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp with his family at the age of 16. 'Half a memoir and half a guide to her trauma,' Gates said, 'many people should be able to get clues from her advice to help them through difficult situations.' doing.

'Everyone has Nazis in them, but they should accept it by expressing' love 'rather than' hate, 'Dr. Eger said. No Japanese translation has been published.

Life Lessons From Auschwitz | The Choice by Dr Edith Eger-YouTube

◆ 2: “ Cloud Atlas ” David Mitchell
Gates writes, 'The plot is complicated and difficult to explain,' is a 'notary from San Francisco traveling by boat in the South Pacific in the 19th century' 'Being a genius composer in Belgium before World War II' 'Young musician studying' 'Woman journalist pursuing nuclear fraud on the West Coast of the 1970s' 'A senior editor who runs a trinket publisher in modern London' 'A replicant who lives as a waitress in Korea in the near future' 'Hawaii in the distant future' The six stories 'The Guardian of the Civilization Endangered by Humanity' form one work. The first thing Gates likes is the story of the first 'notary from San Francisco traveling by boat in the South Pacific in the 19th century', Gates said 'I want to think and discuss after finishing reading' It's a novel. '

This work is also known to have been made into a movie by Wachowski sisters in 2014.

◆ 3: ' 10 Principles of Disney CEO Practice ' Robert Eiger
The author is Robert (Bob) Eiger who has been the CEO of the Walt Disney Company for 15 years from 2005 to 2020. Gates praised the book as 'the best business book I've read in the last few years'. “Whether you're looking for business insight or an interesting book, you'll love his story of how Disney's history changed a lot,” he said.

◆ 4: 'The Great Flu ' John M. Barry
A documentary about the epidemic of influenza in 1918, commonly known as the 'Spanish cold,' from its origin to the discovery of its mechanism. Now that the new coronavirus has spread to the world, 'you should know one of the worst pandemics in human history,' Gates cites.

In addition, Japanese translations are out of stock at The original version can also be read as an e-book.

◆ 5: “ Economics that transforms despair into hope : How to solve major social problems ” Avisit V. Vanergy & Estelle Duflot
In 2019's Nobel Prize-winning economics by Vanergy and Duflot, Gates said the two were 'the smartest economists at the moment, making economics easier for the general public to understand.' I am expressing.

In addition to 5 books, the following 8 books are listed as 'books worth reading'. It also includes what was previously listed as a 'book to read this summer'.

・ ' Empty! 10 minutes of meditation eases busy hearts ' Andy Pudicom

・ ' Why I'm a very ordinary person who became a National Memory Champion in a year ' Joshua Fore

Although it is a title that seems to be a light novel, the original title is 'Einstein and the moon walk', which is also fashionable.

・ 'The Martian ' Andy Weir

The movie ' Odyssey ' directed by Ridley Scott is based on this book.

・ 'Counter of Moscow ' Amore Talls

・ ' Wife Project ' Gram Simcion

・ ' The Best We Could Do ' Ti Bui

・ “ Hyperbole and a Half ” Ally Broche

' What if? -What happens if you throw a baseball at the speed of light? ' Randall Munroe

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