Bill Gates chooses ``5 best books in life''

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and known as an avid reader, has been introducing ``the best books he read this year'' around the end of November every year. In 2022, Gates will introduce five `` best books of my life '' instead of the books he read this year.

5 of my all-time favorite books | Bill Gates

◆ “ Stranger in a Strange Land” is a perfect introduction to science fiction for adults.

'The Alien Guest' is a science fiction novel written in 1961 by Robert Ansun Heinlein. This novel is deeply related to his encounter with Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Gates. Mr. Gates became passionate about science fiction novels when he was in the 7th or 8th grade at Lakeside School, and this led to him becoming close friends with Mr. Alan, who also read a lot of science fiction novels. The two talked about Heinlein's works, which were rich in messages, including ``The Alien Guest,'' and eventually they came to seek mutual interests and became involved in computers.

◆The best memoir by a rock star “


'Surrender' is a memoir published in November 2022 by Mr. Bono, the vocalist of the popular rock band 'U2', and depicts the process of how a boy from the suburbs became a global rock star. Mr. Gates seems to have a friendly relationship with Mr. Bono, but 'Surrender' said that many aspects of Mr. Bono that Mr. Gates did not know were written down.

◆The best guide for leading the nation “

Lincoln (original title: Team of Rivals)

Mr. Gates is a big fan of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, and has read a large amount of books related to Lincoln and has also collected materials. Among them, the best Lincoln-related book is 'Lincoln' written by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Mr. Goodwin's ``Lincoln'' clearly depicts the relationship between the era in which Lincoln lived and modern America, which faces racial issues and social divisions. Gates said, ``Goodwin is one of America's finest biographers, and ``Lincoln'' is her masterpiece.''

◆The best guide for carving out your own path: “

The Inner Game of Tennis”

'The Inner Game' is a book written by tennis coach Timothy Galwey that focuses on the 'inner game,' the battle that takes place in the minds of players, in contrast to the 'outer game,' in sports such as tennis. Thing. The main subject of this book is tennis, and Gates says, ``It's a must-read for tennis players, but I think even non-tennis players will find something to gain from it.'' It includes advice on how to recover constructively from mistakes, and I have been using it for years on and off the court.'

◆The best book on the periodic table: Solving the mystery of Mendeleyev's elements (original title: Mendeleyev's Dream)

The periodic table, which arranges elements by atomic number, was proposed by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. ``Solving the Mystery of the Mendeleev Elements'' is a book that traces the history of chemistry from ancient Greece, and provides an interesting summary of human curiosity and the development of science.

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