Ridley Scott plans to image "Journey to the Ultimate 3001"

America's cable television channel "Syfy」Announced the visualization of Arthur C. Clark's SF novel" The trip to the end of 3001 "as a series of TV drama series, and it is also obvious that Mr. Ridley Scott will be appointed as leader of the production It is becoming. "Journey to the Ultimate in 3001" decided to drama is based on the film "Director of the Universe in 2001" directed by Stanley KubrickSpace travel seriesIt is a science-fiction novel that will become the final edition of the book.

3001 The Final Odyssey Miniseries Announced, A Sequel To 2001

"The trip to the end of 3001" scheduled for production by Syfy as a sequel to "2001 Space Journey"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Cursed Pirates"Or"Collateral"Stuart Beatty who was in charge of scripts such as" Screenplay "will be in charge of the script. Mr. Beaty is also in charge of conducting the entire production, but in addition to him, Ridley Scott and David · W · Jacker are nominated persons to serve as leaders of the production.

The movie "Journey of the Space 2001" was released in 1968, and the SF novel that becomes the sequel "2010 universe journeyWas announced in 1982. A movie based on the same work "2010"Was released in the United States in 1984, and director Peter Highams is serving as director. A novel corresponding to the third series "2061 Space Journey」Has been published in 1987 but has not been visualized until now, the sequel to the fourth series, the sequel," Journey to the Ultimate 3001 "will be the completion of the" Space Travel Series " This time it is going to be a series drama series.

"Travel to the Ultimate in 3001" can also be purchased from Amazon, if purchased for Kindle version it can be purchased at 800 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Journey to the Ultimate in 3001 (Hayakawa Bunko SF): Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke, Ito Norio: Books

Synopsis is as follows.

In the early 31st century, a strange drift was discovered near Neptune's orbit. That was exactly Frank Swimming Pool, Captain of the Spacecraft Discovery. The pool which was released from Discovery by the spacecraft computer, HAL 9000, by far 1,000 years ago, was frozen and headed towards the star world. The orbital city of the earth The pool resuscitated by Star City traces The ultimate and the final journey of the universe is the series completion series beginning with the 2001 journey of the universe.

Mr. Ridley Scott, who is in charge of the production in "The Journey to the Ultimate in 3001", is an enthusiastic fan of Clark's "Space Travel Series" and Kubrick's Movie "2001 Space Trip" We are professing something and commenting on pleasure about being able to engage in great SF work.

The drama series "Trip to the Ultimate 3001" will be broadcasted in 2015.

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