Google develops 'E textile' that can operate electronic devices just by touching the cable

Generally, it is necessary to push a button or operate a touch panel to operate an electric appliance by hand. However, using Google's newly developed ' E-Textile ', you can play music easily by pinching the speaker or headphone cable, twist the cable to adjust the volume, and intuitive operation Will be possible.

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When you play the movie below, you can see how it feels to operate a smart speaker with E textile in one shot.

E-Textile Microinteractions: Twist, Flick, Slide and Grasp Gestures for Soft Electronics-YouTube

When the movie started, a smart speaker with a cable connected was shown. If you pinch the cable with your hand ...

Jazz played from the speakers.

Furthermore, when I twisted the cable while pinching it, the volume changed.

If you pinch while playing music, it will pause. I picked it up again and the music resumed.

When you pull the cable extending from the speaker, the music being played changes to another song.

Next, tap the cable with your palm and then ...

When I twisted the cable, the music was fast forwarded.

Not only the speaker can be operated. When I twisted the cable hung in front of the PC monitor to the left and right, the screen scrolled up and down.

When I pinch the cable, the link opens as if I had clicked it with the mouse.

These operations are realized by the eight sensors folded in the cable that detect finger contact and cable twisting.

There are six types of operations that can be entered: twist, flick, slide, pinch, grasp, and tap.

In addition, there are 4 types of operation methods that can be used properly, as there are 4 types of operations that can be performed by just flicking, depending on the direction and speed of operation.

The recognition accuracy of the operation was 93.8% on average, but Google said, 'Users generally adjust the operation to get the desired result, so the difference is alleviated.' I pointed out that I can reduce it.

In fact, in the movie, you can see how Tetris is playing smoothly with E textile.

Google has already developed prototypes such as 'E-textile USB cable connecting smartphone and headphones', 'Parker string that can operate music player while wearing', 'cable for smart speaker operation', etc. It is planned to correct issues such as preventing malfunction when touched.

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