Drop The Beat, a life-saving musical instrument that turns the torso into a drum

Bottle that collects everyday sounds and edits to musicYaPerforming using multiple floppy disk drivesAlthough there are various kinds of unique tools for playing music, there are various kinds of unique tools for playing music, but the body itself is made into an instrument as it is, the vest life-like vest which makes performance possible when you hit your stomach and chest is "Drop The Beat"is.

Drop The Beat - Wesley Chau

You can see how you actually perform from the following movies.

Drop The Beat on Vimeo

A man wearing a vest like a life jacket is connecting a cable with a PC.

Velcro fastener is attached to the whole vest.

Install the sensor here.

Tonton, and when I began to knock the best lightly, the cymbal sound began to echo out.

When you move your finger vertically,GuilloSounds like when you played.

We will further adjust with PC.

When you twist your body violently, the sound of maracas shakashaka.

I beat the body with a pom-pom and started playing in earnest. It was a different woman from the man who is heading to PC playing.

While adjusting the sound on your PC with your right hand, hit the chest with your left hand.


When I think I was hitting a stomach pocopoko like playing a conga ......

Self punch hard.

I can wiggle my body.

Movement that has nothing to do with the performance gradually increased.


I hit the stomach again.


Decision pose.

This is a performance artist published in 1986, a concert film by Laurie AndersonHome of the BraveMusical instruments made inspired by. Convert force applied to piezoelectric body to voltagePiezo sensorIt has built-in, so you can add performance to your performance.

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