8 pairs of musicians who perform brilliant performances using things that are not musical instruments

From what you can see at a glance like instruments like guitars and trumpets,ThereminThere are various musical instruments in the world, even to the one that does not touch the hand like it does.

In such circumstances, there are some people who are doing fine mastering of everyday items that are not musical instruments, just as "anything but soundable instruments". Although the materials used and the playing style are disjointed, they are all creativeness.

1. Vinyl chloride tube
Blue Man GroupAlso used for live performances"Vinyl chloride tube". In the movie below, we are making an instrument by combining vinyl chloride tubes with an overwhelmingly huge structure.

Monster Tubulum: Time To Start - YouTube

2. Made of polyvinyl chloride pipe "Didgeridoo"
This is a wind instrument transmitted to Aborigines by joining PVC pipes together"Dojeridoo"Played as.

Didgeridoo Man in Hamburg Germany - YouTube

3. Grass
By stroking the edge of the glass with water, we are producing a crystal clear sound. The pitch varies depending on the amount of water and the size of the glass, but it seems to be difficult even by just tuning.

Amazing Musician Glass Player - YouTube

4. Nabe and frying pan
Percussion with cooking utensils and buckets on the road. It's a tremendous level, I do not feel completely cheesy.

Drum and Bass (Impressive street performer) - YouTube

5. Buckets Quintet
Drum team using a bucket of Chicago. A big crowd has been nailed to a rhythm that is not disrupted.

Chicago Bucket Boyz - Wrigley field - YouTube

6. Bicycle
It is a pretty surreal sight, but I play it on a bicycle. In this movie, the sound that comes out with friction of the tire andsampleruse.

Cycology - The Finale - YouTube

7. Washing machine and gas stove
A band that used a washing machine and gas stove for an instrument. By the end of the performance the gas stove has become ragged.

Total Eclipse of the Heart - YouTube

8. Vegetables
Orchestron who plays vegetablesI posted an article about, but here all the sounds that toppled the potatoes are music. The character and expression of the performer himself are also very unique.

Ivan plays a potato - YouTube

While listening to the apparent impact, if you hear a beautiful sound from what you normally casually touch, there is a different fresh impression from ordinary music. By the way, in the movie below, attempts are being made to play like a violin using carrots and celery. Because it is a melody that only the beautiful person of the heart can hear, those who did not hear will gently stray in my mind and keep it a secret.

Carrot Violin - YouTube

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