A huge musical instrument "Sea Organ" playing sound with the power of the wave

Zadar in Croatia has huge instruments. That name is "Sea Organ"Wind blowing from the ocean and the power of the wave is sent to the tube buried under the marble staircase, and it is structured to be able to play randomly harmonic sounds.

The movie or sound file of what kind of sound actually sounds is from the following.
YouTube - Sea organ, Zadar, Croatia

YouTube - The Sea Organ of Zadar

YouTube - Sea organ, Zadar, Croatia

MP3 files can be downloaded from the following.

Sea Organ, pipe organ played by the sea, Zadar Croatia, morske orgulje, harmonic natural sound sculpture

CDs can also be purchased on the official website.

Sea organs zadar

Flickr has plenty of local photos as well.

Flickr: The Sea organ / Morske orgulje Pool

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