I tried `` Okinawa Black Thunder '' which saltiness enhances the gentle sweetness of brown sugar while keeping the crunchy texture

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Black Thunder series with a combination of crispy texture and bittersweet chocolate, ' Okinawa Black Thunder ' has appeared in Okinawa prefecture from Friday, May 15, 2020. It is said that Black Thunder's crispy texture is kept as it is, and it has a luxurious taste using brown sugar and Chatan salt, which are special products of Okinawa Prefecture, so I actually tried it.

Okinawa Black Thunder-Product lineup-Product information | Yuraku Confectionery

'Okinawa Black Thunder' is packaged in boxes rather than individually. 8 bags on the left (640 yen by tax) and 14 bags on the right (1080 yen by tax).

It is said that the package is based on the traditional Okinawan dyeing technique, the

red type . The catch phrase 'Uri! Turtle! Turtle! Mars sand' is said to mean 'Here! Eat! Eat! Delicious!' In the Okinawan dialect. The 'black thunder god' was also renamed to 'chu thunder god' like Okinawa.

Surrounding the heap of brown sugar, hibiscus and shisa are also placed, making it easy to identify Okinawa souvenirs.

Looking at the ingredients, in addition to quasi chocolate, sugar, whole milk powder, almonds, brown sugar (100% brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture), butter, etc. are included.

The content per bottle is 24g and the calorie is 134kcal.

When the box is opened, the individually packed Okinawan Black Thunder is packed inside.

The individually wrapped packages have the same Okinawan feel as the boxes.

When I took it out of the bag, the sweet scent of brown sugar drifted softly.

The surface is light brown unlike the normal black sander. Brown sugar and Chatan salt are used for the cover chocolate.

Comparing Okinawa Black Thunder (left) with Normal Black Thunder (right), it looks like this and the size is almost the same. Normal black sander is dark brown and the surface is rugged, but you can see that Okinawa black sander is light brown and the surface is smooth.

When cut, the amount of cookies seen in the cross section can be seen more in Okinawa Black Thunder. Okinawa Black Thunder contains not only butter cookies but also almonds.

When you actually eat Okinawa Black Thunder, the sweetness of brown sugar is accentuated by saltiness, and it goes well with the aroma of almonds and the flavor of butter cookies. The crunchy texture was similar to the usual black thunder, but it was finished in a black thunder that feels Okinawanness.

'Okinawa Black Thunder' will be available as a limited souvenir from Okinawa on May 15, 2020, at souvenir shops at Naha Airport and at resort hotel shops in Okinawa Prefecture. The price is 640 yen (excluding tax) for one bag of 8 bags and 1080 yen (excluding tax) for 14 bags.

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