Limited edition 'Kyoto black sander' using two types of Uji green tea and 'Sencha' appeared, 'Shock since Inu no Shashi !!', so I tried it

Black Thunder " Kyoto Black Thunder " using Matcha and Sencha, supervised by the Kyoto Confection "Otepe" , "Impact Since Junin 's Ran !!" appears from November 1, 2018 (Thursday). Since it is said that it is now possible to enjoy the original flavor of Matcha with no matcha fragrance, I ate it.

This is 8 bags of "Kyoto Black Thunder".

On the reverse side, it was written that it is a joint development product with the Kyoto confection "Otabe". It seems that Kyoto Uji Matcha is used for coating chocolate.

Looking at the raw material name, it starts with the same "semi-chocolate" as the regular version of Black Thunder, and the word "Matcha" behind sugar, shortening, cocoa powder. Sencha is also included in the material.

The calorie per 24 grams is 130 kcal.


"Impact since Junin 's Turbulence!" "The Thunder Gods Mu" is a package of pushing Kyoto.

The package size is the same as the regular version of Black Thunder, but the portion of thunder is gilt (Kinpaku) is a little feeling.

It came out from the bag, everywhere is a green black sander.

It is about the same size as the regular version Black Thunder, but it feels slightly uneven.

When I ate it, the crispy texture is that of Black Thunder, but the authentic tea fragrance and slight bitterness that is slightly different from the common "Matcha chocolate" spread with sweetness. Because we use Sencha in addition to two kinds of Uji Matcha, the bitterness of the unique aftertaste of Matcha is mellowing and it is easy to eat while tasting the flavor of the tea steadily.

"Kyoto black sander" will be sold at the limited souvenir stores in the Kyoto area and the Osaka area in order. The price is 600 yen for tax included in 8 bottles, 1000 yen for tax included in 14 bottles.

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