People's 'dreams' are changing due to epidemic of new coronavirus infection

The epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has forced a fundamental change in human life, but this change has increased the number of people who complain of insomnia, and people's dream The content of 'is changing. Researchers around the world have reported how human dreams are changing.

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The pandemic is giving people vivid, unusual dreams. Here's why.

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In the psychoanalysis project 'Lockdown Dreams' in London, England, we collect the contents of people's dreams and analyze how people unconsciously experience the crisis caused by COVID-19. I am.

So far, according to the project's Jake Roberts, the reported dream trend is 'more detailed and vivid content than usual.' This contrasts with the monotony of life forced by lockdowns: 'We are obviously trying to produce something from the little stimuli we receive in our daily lives, and'what we forgot. ' I'm trying to grow them, 'said Roberts.

In addition, respondents also began to remember dreams more often. It is believed that this is because there is less reason to rush in the morning because there is no commuting to work or school, and people are rumored to think and feel. By refusing the dream more than usual, it is possible to remember the aspects of the dream such as smell, emotion, place and explain the scene. About this phenomenon, Roberts said, 'People live in dreams.' 'We experience the world of dreams, just as we wake up.'

There are also people in France who are doing similar studies. The Lyon Center for Neuroscience research group also reported that the 'dream recall rate' at which people remember dreams increased by 35%, and the number of people who dreamed more negatively than usual increased by 15%.

Also, when Erin Gravry opened a website called 'i dream of covid' and tried to collect people's dreams, in the early days of the site operation people who 'dream that connects hugs to dangers and threats' Was often seen. Also, it seems that the number of dreams related to 'going to a restaurant' and anxiety is increasing recently.

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It is scientifically said that dreams are often seen during REM sleep, when only the eyes are rapidly moving. 'We typically use REM sleep and dreams to control strong emotions, especially negative emotions. This pandemic can cause a lot of stress and anxiety,' said Patrick McNamara, a neurologist at Boston University School of Medicine. It is clear that they are born. ”He says that increased daily anxiety and lack of exercise affect sleep.

In addition, Courtney Bolstad, a psychologist at Mississippi State University, said, `` In psychology, the state of people who face anxiety, ' fight or escape or reaction ' occurs, and it interferes with sleep-requiring rest and digestion. This psychological excitement may make it harder to get up in the middle of the night and sleep again. ”

On the other hand, Roberts said, 'People have the amazing ability to adapt to any situation.' 'This incredibly vivid dream seems to be unseen as people get used to the situation. May be, 'he said.

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