Armed naval patrol ship sunk after colliding with cruise ship, cruise ship safe

A Venezuelan navy patrol boat collided with a hull-reinforced cruise ship and sank over the Caribbean sea. The incidents claimed by both the Venezuelan navy and the cruise-owning operator are different, and some have pointed out that 'political factors' are the cause.

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Caused the accident cruise ship ' RCGS Resolute No. operating company that owns the' Columbia cruise service According to the 'incident is the 2020 March 30, early in the morning occurrence, RCGS Resolute issue Netherlands territory Curacao in Willemstad in the forwarding state to He was drifting about 13 miles (about 21km) off the coast of Tortuga , Haiti for about a day to perform regular engine checks on his way. The maintenance involved the starboard main engine, which was operating normally and maintaining a safe distance from Tortuga.

After midnight, the Venezuelan Navy patrol boat Naiguatá approaching the RCGS Resolute approached. The Naiguatá requested that the RCGS Resolute drift through the waters via telecommunications and then follow along to Puer Moreno on Margarita Island, Venezuela. Since the RCGS Resolute was anchored in international waters, it communicated to its headquarters to signify that it would deviate significantly from its intended route in order to comply with the instructions of the Venezuelan Navy.

However, while the RCGS Resolute was communicating with the headquarters, the Naiguatá fired. Shortly afterwards, he intentionally collided with the starboard bow at an angle of 135 degrees. The Naiguatá, which has a total length of 262 feet (approximately 80 meters) and a gross tonnage of 1,720 tons at full load, reportedly repeated this collision many times. However, the RCGS Resolute, with a total length of 403 feet (approximately 123 meters) and a gross tonnage of about 8445 tons, specialized in Antarctic cruises, was a ship with a hull reinforced for drift ice.

The Naiguatá was severely damaged by the collision and sank. 44 crew members were thrown into the sea. On the other hand, the damage on RCGS Resolute was minor as follows.

As the Naiguatá sank, the RCGS Resolute contacted the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center (MRCC), an international agency for marine emergencies. He remained there for more than an hour in the event that rescue was needed, but returned to his designated route as the MRCC was notified that no rescue was needed.

Venezuelan authorities have contested these claims of the Columbia Cruise Service. Venezuelan officials have claimed that the RCGS Resolute fled the crash site in a timid and criminal manner and did not rescue the patrol boat crew. The actions of the cruise ship are described as 'imperial aggression' and 'piracy'. However, both crew members were not injured.

The RCGS Resolute may have actually invaded Venezuela's territorial waters. However, even if they have invaded territorial waters, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, known as Harmless Navigation, allows them the right to sail lawfully within territorial waters unless they have committed illegal acts. The image below shows the location of the RCGS Resolute at the time of the incident. The image below shows the location of the RCGS Resolute at the time of the incident. Immediately next to the pin is Tortuga, Haiti, and all land south of it is Venezuela.

According to the vehicle news site The Drive, which reported this matter in detail, the 'flag' of the RCGS Resolute may have been a problem. The RCGS Resolute is a Portuguese flag and Portugal supports Juan Guaido , the largest political enemy of Venezuela's dictatorship , President Nicholas Maduro .

In February 2020, Venezuela claimed that 'Guide and his uncle carried bombs on TAP Portugal. Guade and TAP Portugal colluded in smuggling explosives.' Santos Silva Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal this appeal as 'pointless' dismissed was, but Venezuela is a domestic flight suspended for 90 days against TAP Air Portugal was defeated . Similar to this, The Drive claims that the Venezuelan government, which sought extreme diplomatic means against Portugal, forcibly used the Portuguese-registered RCGS Resolute.

The two sides are not the same, and the details of the case are unknown. However, it is a fact that the Naiguata, which had a 76 mm caliber gun at the upper part of the bow and other small arms such as a 20 mm cannon and two 50 caliber machine guns, sank. You can see the Naiguatá issue from the following movie.

NAVANTIA: BVL Naiguatá (Armada de Venezuela)-YouTube

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