The lungs of a new type coronavirus infection patient look like this, a doctor creates a VR model from actual data

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) , which has been rampant since the end of 2019, has reported fever, cough, and sputum as the main symptoms.If severe, high fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. may occur. It is said.

George Washington University Hospital has announced that it has created a model that can reproduce the lungs of a patient who has become severely infected by COVID-19 with 3DCG from actual data and check it in VR space.

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The video of the released VR model can be seen from the following.

Mortman COVID-19 Flythrough 2-YouTube

Chest reproduced with 3DCG model. With the sternum rib ( Rokkotsu ) What is wrapped in ...

The patient's lungs. The translucent blue area is the lungs, and the infected area is drawn in yellow.

The area of injury extends beyond the myriad branches of the bronchi. This VR model was created based on actual data such as patient CT scans.

Because it is a VR model, it is possible to observe the lungs as it travels inside the bronchi.

You can clearly see that the whole lung has been damaged by COVID-19, not just part of it.

The VR model was co-developed by Dr. Keith Mortman, thoracic surgeon at George Washington University Hospital, and Surgical Theater , a medical VR company. So far, Dr. Mortman has used Surgical Theater software to try to visualize tumors using patient data.

`` When we visualized the lungs of COVID-19 patients with Surgical Theater software, we found that rapid and progressive damage was found in the lungs, requiring higher levels of treatment than ventilators. '' Says Mortman. The patient was then treated with an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator (ECMO), which 'removes venous blood from the body, removes carbon dioxide with an oxygenator, and at the same time oxygenates and returns red blood cells to the body.'

'If pneumonia does not go away for a long time, Romance ( Biman ) Sexual injury and may affect respiratory capacity, 'suggests that COVID-19 may cause permanent lung damage.

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