A new mode to stop the spread of infection and save the world will be added to the game `` Plague Inc. '' aiming for annihilation of humanity with infectious diseases

' Plague Inc., ' released on multiple platforms such as PCs and smartphones, is a game that aims to spread human infections around the world and gradually destroy humanity while gradually changing the characteristics of bacteria and viruses. Development company Ndemic Creations receives the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and instructs Plague Inc. to stop the spread of infectious diseases and prevent human destruction, which is the reverse of the game content so far 'Announced a new game mode.

Plague Inc. gives a quarter of a million dollars to fight COVID-19-Ndemic Creations

With the spread of COVID-19, Plague Inc. on the subject of infectious disease became a topic that `` the contents are actually linked '', and in January 2020, it became the most popular game app for iOS in January 2020 It is reported that it glowed.

A game that `` destroys the world with an infectious disease '' is ranked 1st in the popularity ranking due to the influence of the new coronavirus-gigazine

Ndemic Creations revealed that it has donated $ 250,000 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Innovation Coalition (CEPI) and the World Health Organization (WHO) .

`` In 2012, when Plague Inc. was released, the reality became like Plague Inc., and many players played Plague Inc. to survive the real pandemic by Plague Inc. I wasn't even imagining that we would do that, 'he said.' I am proud to support WHO and CEPI's important activities in discovering the vaccine for COVID-19. '

`` We are very pleased that Ndemic Creations has generously contributed to our commitment to the unprecedented challenge of vaccine development for COVID-19, '' said CEPI CEO Richard Hatchet. 'Plague Inc. plays a key role in raising awareness of the challenges facing the world. Private companies can work with governments and charities to gather resources and professionals, Only by working together can we stop these new epidemic threats. '

In addition, Ndemic Creations said that in donating to CEPI and WHO, multiple people received a request from players to 'make a game that can be active to stop the occurrence of disease and infection'. So, with the $ 250,000 donation, we announced that Plague Inc. would add the requested game mode.

In Plague Inc.'s normal mode, players mutate given bacteria and viruses to adapt to different climates, change symptoms and increase resistance, while infecting all humans around the world. Aim to die.

But with the new game mode, players can manage the progress of the disease, strengthen their healthcare system, and perform a variety of real-world initiatives, such as triage , isolation, and closing public facilities, to spread infections and humanity. It is said that it is to prevent the destruction of. This new game mode is being developed under the supervision of experts from WHO and Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network .

A new game mode will be added by an update soon, and all players of Plague Inc. can play for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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