`` Seven items of exceptional shrimp tama '' tasting review that unexpected spicy betraying the appearance like spring becomes habit

From March 18, 2020, a variety of ingredients are used on the subway for spring only `` 7 items extraordinary shrimp tama '' ` ` 7 items extraordinary abochiki '' and a sweets sandwich perfect for when you are hungry Chocolat & Raspberry 'has appeared. When I ate two kinds of gourmet sandwiches with only the previous information of 'colorful and gorgeous sandwiches perfect for spring', unexpectedly, it became a recommended sand for spicy lovers.

Seasonally limited! 7 kinds of ingredients are luxuriously satisfied with your stomach and stomach! New release of gourmet sandwich coloring spring-'7 items of extraordinary shrimp tama' '7 items of extraordinary abochiki' 3/18 (⽔) ~
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The world's first 'Ama-Ii Sand' spring-only second appearance! “Berry” cute !? A carefully selected cacao rich chocolate sandwich with raspberries-New release from 'Chocolat & Raspberry' 3/18 (Wed.)-
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Arrived at the subway.

At first we eat from '7 kinds of shrimp eggs'.

This is about this compared to the 123.8mm long iPhone SE.

Egg, black tiger and bacon are on one side of the bread ...

On the other side, lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper and plenty of 'hot spicy chipotle sauce' with pepper.

When I bite a bite of yellow of egg, orange of shrimp, pink of bacon, pearl orange of sauce and some kind of spring-friendly gentle sand, before feeling the flavor of vegetables and shrimp, the smoked flavor of chipotle sauce And the hotness of pepper spreads in the mouth. It is not an exaggeration to say that the plenty of sauce is the protagonist, but the gentle-flavored eggs are being wiped out. The smoke flavor goes well with bacon, and it goes well with the crunchy texture of vegetables and shrimp shrimp, but with a punchy taste that betrays its appearance, the mouth is tingling when one whole meal is eaten. did. Never order hot drinks with sand.

As '7 kinds of exceptional abochiki' have also appeared, I also tried this. The spicy chipotle sauce, the same as the seven shrimp eggs, is pouring out of the bread.

This is a combination of roast chicken and avocado instead of shrimp and egg.

The difference between the 7 items 'exceptional shrimp tama is only roast chicken and avocado, but whether it is due to the protein of chicken or the avocado's creamy, or has become accustomed to the spiciness, it is slightly compared to the 7 items' exceptional shrimp tama I felt a mild taste. However, you can feel the smoky flavor of Chipotle sauce. Chipotle is a traditional Mexican spice that smokes ripe jalapeno, so it is recommended for lovers of spicy food and Mexican food.

Also from the same day, a sweet sandwich 'chocolat & raspberry' has appeared.

This is about half the size of a regular sandwich.

When I opened the bread, chocolate cream using chocolate made from Ecuadorian cocoa beans and raspberry were sandwiched.

When I tried it, the chocolate cream was not thick like ganache, but sweet enough to be sandwiched between chocolate cornets. The raspberry's sourness complemented the chocolate cream, and the sweetness of the mouth after eating a spicy sandwich healed me. As size is small, it is good to snack at 3:00.

In addition, 7 items exquisite shrimp and 7 items exquisite abochiki are 490 yen excluding tax, and chocolate & raspberry are 170 yen excluding tax.

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