Pointed out that United Airlines is displaying double-priced tickets while advertising `` free ticket change fee '' due to the new coronavirus epidemic

Countries have restricted travel due to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), and ticket cancellations are occurring one after another. United Airlines, which serves 373 cities around the world, is trying to minimize cancellations by freeing ticket rebooking fees, but at the same time, `` United Airlines has doubled the price as an alternative ticket. Is displayed on their website. '

United hides cheapest flights from passengers affected by Coronavirus


United Airlines changes bookings for new tickets purchased between March 3 and 31, 2020, free of charge for 12 months after purchase, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) Announced that it will be possible.

New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19): Actions to Keep Customers and Employees Safe-United Hub

However, travel booking site Carry points out that 'United Airlines does not offer the cheapest ticket as a replacement ticket.'

Carry's claim is based on: When examining a one-way ticket from Philadelphia International Airport to San Francisco International Airport on Google flights, the lowest United Airlines ticket on March 27 (Friday) at 6:05 pm is $ 299 (about 3 2,000 yen)

On the United Airlines website, the exact same ticket is displayed at almost double price, at $ 596 (about 64,000 yen).

This point has been talked about in the social news site 'Hacker News', and it has been pointed out that the difference in the displayed price may be the difference in the reservation class . Generally, air tickets are classified as first business economy, but in reality, they are further classified according to price, and there are multiple classes in the same economy. One of the possibilities is that this difference in booking class has appeared as a price difference.

United hides cheapest flights from passengers affected by Coronavirus | Hacker News

A person who claims to be the author of Carry's article also wrote on Hacker News: `` We don't know the cause of this price difference, but if the price of two economy tickets is different, United Airlines Should at least explain why. United Airlines advertises a free change process and such pitfalls are irresponsible. ' The ads that United Airlines is offering are:

On the other hand, 'I do not say 'I can't fool customers', but this blog has insufficient evidence,' United Airlines intentionally displayed expensive tickets Some have expressed skepticism about the possibility of being.

In addition, United Airlines announced in a COVID-19 related update on March 16 Japan time that refunds will be made `` within 12 months from the original purchase date '' if the flight schedule changes more than 6 hours Did. In response to this policy that if the refund has not been made, the request can be made only after the 12 month refund period, it has been pointed out that United Airlines is working hard to avoid refunds. You.

United: Wait 12 Months For A Refund-DansDeals.com

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