Music supports the people in Italy, which has decided to block the whole country with new coronavirus measures

In Italy, where the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is expanding, as of March 13, 2020, the number of infected people has increased to more than 17,000 and the number of fatalities has increased to 1,266. To stop the spread of the virus, Italy has announced restrictions on movement throughout the country and the complete closure of stores other than daily necessities such as pharmacies and supermarkets. Italians are forced to quarantine themselves at home, but singing and dancing on their balconies are talking about SNS, ' I'm fighting the new coronavirus with music .'

Coronavirus Italy: Italians are singing songs during lockdown

How Italy is fighting its coronavirus isolation with music

According to reports, singing and dancing on balconies while self-isolated people communicate through music has been witnessed in several blocked Italian regions. This is said to be carried out by calling out on the Internet or word of mouth, while there are cases where people who voluntarily perform are gathered.

An example of a performance actually witnessed in Italy is posted with a movie in the following tweet. A man who starts playing the same way on the balcony of the house a few houses ahead of the man playing the saxophone on the balcony of his home appears, the audience looks out from the windows of other houses, applauding and cheering for the performance . This tweet was posted on March 14, 2020, and at the time of writing the article was retweeted more than 32,000 times, boasting a popularity of the movie more than 860,000 times.

The following tweet shows people playing on the balcony, taken in Sicily, Italy. In this movie, many people sing a lot while using accordion and tambourine.

This is a picture of people playing music on a balcony taken in Naples, a city in southern Italy. A grandmother who dances on the balcony of her home is cute.

In Bologna, a city in northern Italy, it has been observed that people play cheerfully on balconies even at night.

Some people blow up the trumpet on the balcony at home.

This is also taken in Naples, Italy. Singing is a song called ' Abbracciame '.

In addition, the Italian Air Force, with the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti singing the famous song `` No one should sleep '', after a fighter symbolizing the new coronavirus flew away, the Italian flag color An acrobatic flight in which nine red, white, and green smoke fighters fly away. This seems to indicate that 'Italy is second to the new coronavirus', and has received many compliments from Internet users.

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