Strip clubs forced to close due to the spread of the new coronavirus start delivery service `` Boober Eats '' to dispatch strippers

' Boober Eats ', a name that combines 'Uber Eats', a delivery service that allows you to deliver dishes from your favorite restaurant, and 'boobs', which means boobs, has started in the United States. It is a service that allows hot food to be delivered to strippers who have a lot of exposure, but it seems to be a way to protect strippers in strip clubs that can not be opened due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Portland strip club forced to close, so dancers now do

The state of 'Boober Eats' actually operated can be seen from the following movie.

Out-of-work strippers are delivering food through Boober Eats-YouTube

Lucky Devil Lounge, a strip club located in Portland, Oregon, USA, was hit by a pandemic outbreak of a new coronavirus infection, and was forced to close the store due to government orders. However, the owner of the store, Sean Bolden, noticed that the closure order did not include `` food takeout and delivery store '', and opened the delivery service `` Boober Eats '' by strippers. That.

Lucky Devil Lounge is shown in the photo below.

The owner, Bolden.

Boober Eats originally wrote a joke on social media, saying, 'Strippers in over-exposed clothes will bring hot meals home.' However, unexpectedly, there were so many inquiries that Bolden thought it could be a business.

Mr. Bolden bought and stocked foodstuffs at grocery stores while many were running to stock toilet paper. Using these ingredients, all menus originally offered at Lucky Devil Lounge are being delivered at the same price with additional shipping charges. The shipping fee is usually $ 30 (about 3300 yen), but it depends on the distance from the store. 'No matter how far away you are, the delivery fee will be paid and the girls will deliver as much as possible'. At the time of writing the article, it is said that many orders are placed as one of surprises and birthday gifts.

It is said that the strip dancers will be moved by security staff and attended. Originally, strip clubs were prohibited from touching dancers, but even after delivery, touching is prohibited as a measure against coronavirus.

In the car driven by security staff ...

Boober Eats logo was included.

Strippers delivering food.

In the United States, strip dancers are considered independent contractors and are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Mr. Bolden has 80 dancers in the Lucky Devil Lounge and another lounge, and the method that Bolden created to protect the anxious dancers was the delivery service. There are 25 dancers who started the delivery service, but the income of the dancers who earned several hundred dollars (tens of thousands of yen) a day has become about the minimum wage.

'Losing work is the worst thing, for most of us we lose almost all of our income. I'm here because I want to support my community and keep as much income as possible.' Said stripper Kiki.

Mr. Bolden says he has hired as many kitchen staff as possible while the strip club is closed.

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