Platform to avoid Internet censorship is born on Minecraft

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data from 2016, only 24% of Internet users around the world have access to the 'free Internet' without any restrictions. The remaining 76% are subject to various restrictions, including government censorship and restrictions on the Internet, or lack of access to the Internet itself. Japan is one of the few countries with free internet access, but Internet users in many countries, such as China , Iran , and Saudi Arabia, access information via the Internet while fighting government censorship. Meanwhile, efforts to use the game ' Minecraft ', which has more than 112 million monthly active users , to avoid government censorship have begun and are attracting attention.

The Uncensored Library – Reporters without borders

RSF opens “The Uncensored Library” – The digital home of Press Freedom within a global computer game | RSF

Reporters Without Borders launches virtual anti-censorship library in Minecraft?

' Reporters Without Borders ', an international non-profit organization established to promote free access to information, has partnered with blockworks , a consulting company engaged in marketing activities using Minecraft . Created a virtual library `` The Uncensored Library '' on Minecraft so that everyone around the world can view information censored and regulated by the `` government performing Internet censorship '' around the world Did.

In addition, blockworks is also responsible for the production of maps created for the 10th anniversary of Minecraft.

The Uncensored Library, created by Reporters Without Borders and blockworks, has a “gigantic palace-like building” built by 24 users from 16 countries. The appearance is very elaborate, 'It is built in a neoclassical architectural style.' The palace contains magazines and articles censored in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. The Uncensored Library is hosted on an open server, so anyone can freely visit the palace and read magazines and articles.

In the following movie, you can see the inside of the palace of The Uncensored Library.

The Uncensored Library – The Film-YouTube

According to Gizmodo , the palace of The Uncensored Library has six sections, five sections show works of censored journalists, and the other one shows works of reporters without borders. It is stored. Also, the main entrance of each section seems to describe the current state of censorship conducted by governments of each country.

According to reporters without borders, 'Building a safe haven for freedom of the press will create a loophole to overcome censorship. This loophole is one of the most popular video games in the world 'In these countries (Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, etc.), websites, blogs and many of the free web media are severely restricted, Anyone with Minecraft can access it, 'explains the reasons and significance of launching The Uncensored Library.

According to reporters without borders, 'If you access the server of The Uncensored Library, anyone can access the censored information by reading the in-game book, and anyone can change its contents. I can't. '

The server IP of The Uncensored Library is ''. A download version is also available for those who want to browse offline as much as they want, and can be downloaded from 'Downloads' on the left menu of the official website.

The Uncensored Library – Reporters without borders

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