SF thriller `` The Platform '' trailer that draws a hierarchical prison connected only by the only elevator released

The trailer of the SF thriller ' The Platform ' set in a prison that the hierarchical floor is connected only by the central elevator has been released.

The Platform | Main Trailer | Netflix-YouTube

'There are three types of humans: those at the top and those at the bottom.'

'And what is falling'

The protagonist was incarcerated in a prison called a “platform”.

The feature of this 'platform' is that the upper and lower layers are connected by holes.

'What do we eat?'

'The top guys left behind'

The meals offered to the prisoners are lavish dishes of both quality and quantity, carefully prepared by the chef.

However, this dish is transported in order from the upper level by the elevator through the hole ...

The lower prisoners can find the leftovers after the upper prisoners have eaten and scattered.

'How many prisoners are below us?'

Sometimes people get on the elevator and get off from the upper layers ...

You can meet people who move up and down the ropes.

'I don't know how far down, but the numbers will soon decrease.'

Humans can fall from above.

'Is it human?'

'Isn't it determined to be a human?'

Despite the fall of humans, the unmoved prisoners.

'Why nobody does anything!'

'If everyone eats only what they need, all prisoners will have a meal.'

'I want you to help'

The protagonist descends to the bottom to save all the prisoners.

'It's suicide to get down.'

Not all prisoners are favorable.

'Hunger evokes inner madness'

What do the heroes going down see?

'If you're a good guy'

'I don't think I can live long'

'The Platform' will be released on Netflix on March 20, 2020.

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